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ManageByStats Amazon Seller Software Introduces Searchable Customer Database

ManageByStats, providers of management software for Amazon sellers, reported today that they have introduced a new feature to their online software suite that allows users to search their own customer database conveniently using any of the main customer fields, such as Name, Email, Phone, etc.  This is a feature that Amazon does not provide within its user tools.  The ManageByStats software brings all Amazon account, product and customer information together in one location in a browser-based solution for Amazon sellers.

“This information exists in the seller’s Amazon account,”  says ManageByStats CEO and spokesman, Philip Jepsen.  “But most of it is dispersed, and when it comes to customer info in particular there is no way to look that up directly — and quickly — on Amazon.  With our ManageByStats software you simply go to your Customer page and there’s the list.  If someone calls in you can pull it up and search by any of the key fields to find that customer, and see immediately their relevant information.”

The ManageByStats tools were designed to give easy transparency to seller accounts on Amazon.  With a single browser-based login Amazon sellers are able to see all their account information in a single location, and move easily to the information they need to manage their product line and sales.  Inventory, transactions and customer info are able to be organized, sorted and searched to get a clear picture of the operation of the business.  Key information is available for viewing in the form of statistics and graphs, which provide visual cues by which to manage.

“ManageByStats brings it all together in one place,”  says Mr. Jepsen.  “And now with this customer search feature we’ve made it easy to find information on your buyers.”

To learn more about what’s being said about the ManageByStats program please see the company’s site.  If interested parties have further questions, they are invited to contact the company directly by email.