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From Amazon US to Amazon EU: An Opportunity To Expand Your Business And Diversify Your Revenue Stream. Part 2

By 05/10/2018August 16th, 2022ManageByStats Training

Welcome to Part 2 of this two-part series on expanding your business into the EU.  In the first part we discussed making the move to selling in the EU, how VAT (Value Added Tax) works, products that would sell in Europe, the power of language and more.

Note, if you haven’t yet read Part 1 of this amazing 2-part series, Read Part 1 Here.

Also, if you’re not yet selling on Amazon at all, here’s a great primer:

How To Start An Amazon Business

Now.  Ready?  Let’s dive in for the final part of this exciting topic; Expanding your Amazon biz into the EU.


How Giveaways Can Boost Your Product

If you want your product to be competitive enough, you need organic reviews to start.

You should remember that even with a 100% discount the EU Amazon marketplace still allows your customers to leave a review. Unlike in other countries, you can create “Money off” codes vs. the percentage off codes the US allows.

Your search engine stats will get a boost by reviews and your product will rise in rankings – keyword and bestseller. As you may understand, it’s important to capture whole-hearted customer reviews anyway possible.

Giveaways can stimulate interest in your products, and get them in the hands of reviewers, those who will do the most to promote your business. Reviews are essential because they will help others decide to buy your product. Do not underestimate the power of an original review, as customers are good at understanding who genuinely loves a product, and who fakes it.

Original, truly happy reviews from real customers will result in more future sales than other methods.

Moreover, a giveaway is an effective way to gain a boost from social media. Customers who are excited about a free product are likely to share the contest with other people in social media. Help people to get familiar with your product and this will improve your branding and get more customers to purchase your products.


Launch A PPC Campaign

You should start a PPC campaign once your product has gotten a few sales with reviews and perhaps a small customer base. If you’ve ever launched a business based in the US, you may already know the process. If not, it is not that difficult.

First of all, you need to be sure that your keyword research is done by a native speaker, especially one who is deeply familiar with the keyword research tools we mentioned before.

You will also need a catchy ad that focuses on headline searches. Try different variations and styles, so you can change them up. You can use some programs to keep track of your best ads and make your PPC campaign the most effective you can.

A PPC campaign is indispensable if you want to get the word out about your product. Even with positive reviews and customers talking about you, sales suffer without PPC. A PPC campaign aims to the people who are interested in your product.  It helps them notice your product first, before getting caught up by competitor’s product.

To sum up, PPC is the best way to drive new customers to your products and increase your sales.


The Importance Of Customer Service

The moment you start having sales is the most accurate time to begin providing the best possible customer service for your clients. You will need again native speakers for the country of your choice. The better their understanding of customer service, the better customers will react.

Bad reviews can paralyze your business. It’s essential that you keep your customers satisfied by replying to your buyer messages.  Remove negative seller feedback, and convert positive feedback into reviews.

Ideally, you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong; but mistakes happen. A wrong item gets shipped, a manufacturer makes an error, or a product arrives damaged. The way you handle these possible situations in your customer’s experience can affect tremendously the outcome of your business. If your customers get support in any issue concerning them, such as getting their item replaced or questions answered, it is possible that they will recommend you.

Be careful with general questions and compliments, too, as they can turn into positive reviews, and general questions lead to more sales when you address concerns.

SellerMail™ is an email follow up service provided by ManageByStats. It is an advanced automatic email tool for Amazon Sellers. When a sale occurs on Amazon, SellerMail™ can automatically schedule and send out a sequence of emails to the buyer, while giving you full control of what is sent and when it is sent, with customized email sequences for Brands, product lines or individual products.

Satisfied customers are happy customers and happy customers will probably spread the word about your business. On the contrary, unhappy and unsatisfied customers are even faster and their negative reviews will affect your business. Try to keep everyone happy and satisfied if you want a long-lasting business strategy.


How An EU Seller Can Sell In Amazon US

If you are an non-US resident and you want to try selling on Amazon US it is pretty easy. It is not necessary to start in your home country’s market to be able to take advantage of the US marketplace.

Note down that you don’t need an importing license to sell in the US. Many sellers start directly in the US market, and then expand to other countries as their business gains traction.

If you start selling in the US you will take advantage of the lion’s share of sales that Amazon generates. At the moment, the majority of Amazon sales come from the North American continent, including the US, Canada, and Mexico. Followed by Amazon Europe with Germany, and the UK, and then Japan. These places make up 95% of all sales on Amazon, a huge share of the market.


You Can Sell On Amazon From Anywhere

The US can seem so far away and the idea of starting a business or expanding there may discourage you.

But if you already have a business in the EU, you can start selling in Amazon US right away. This would be very wise if you feel like your sales are dropping in your home territory.

Get The Free Ebook!

New customers are waiting for you in the US market. You’ll have access to all the same resources you are used to in the European marketplace. There are even fulfillment prep centers to make sure that the products you’re shipping meet all of Amazon’s requirements.


Need A Helping Hand?

Our pioneer services can support you during the whole process!

If you think you need a little support in getting your business going, we can help make your transition to Amazon Europe a smooth one.

SatiSupp experts can help photograph your products for a professional looking image that sells, research keywords customers use to buy your product, launch your products with a product giveaway, and help with the VAT registration as well.

Native speakers available in every language, can be your voice for customer service, copywriting, and optimization services.

We are here to make selling on the EU Marketplace easy for you, so if you’re not sure about the process or don’t speak the language, get in touch with us today. Sell your products today on Amazon’s most beneficial marketplace.

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