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Functionality Added To ManageByStats Amazon Seller Software That Allows Users To Quickly View Transactions

By 07/10/2015June 23rd, 2022ManageByStats Technical News

CEO and spokesman for ManageByStats, Philip Jepsen, reported today that functionality has been added to their Amazon seller software which displays complete transaction information for individual SKU lines with a single click.  The Amazon Seller Stats section of the ManageByStats software brings key information together for all products in one place.  Depending on sort options each line displays overall information for individual SKU, product line, product name, ASIN or Brand.  Now, according to Mr. Jepsen, users can click on one of those rows to bring up a single page with all transactions for that item.

“We continue to work on ways to make it easy and fast to get the information you need to run your Amazon business,”  says Mr. Jepsen.  “That is our entire purpose.  ManageByStats is an Amazon seller tool suite, designed by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers, that brings everything you need together in one place.  This latest feature is just one more step toward instant data transparency.”

ManageByStats is an online, browser-based software that consolidates an Amazon seller’s accounts and all related sales information in a single log-in.  By design the program aggregates all sales, order and stocking information in a series of customizable screens that allow users to view information at each level of the process.  The feature announced today adds the ability to click individual lines to show transaction details with full information for each order.

“We’re making every aspect of this as useful as possible,”  says Mr. Jepsen.  “In fact, right now we’re making it easy to try it out with a free 14 day trial.  This will allow you to see the product in action, and get a firsthand look at some of these new features we’re introducing.”

To learn more about what’s being said about the ManageByStats program please see the company’s site.  If interested parties have further questions, they are invited to contact the company directly by email.