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Sessions Graph Added To Amazon Sellers Software

Today ManageByStats, makers of management software for Amazon sellers, announced that a new Sessions graph has been added to the Stat Graphs section of their ManageByStats software.  Session stats show the visits to an product detail page by a customer within a 24-hour period.  This is distinct from page views in a single visit, and can be useful for an Amazon seller in determining real traffic.

“Information is king,”  says ManageByStats CEO, Philip Jepsen.  “With information and a clear picture of what’s going on, your business decisions are more effective by orders of magnitude.  Our Amazon seller tools give you the information you need, in one place, and a clear picture of activity so you can manage.  How to sell on Amazon is up to you.  The software to do it … that’s where we come in.”

ManageByStats is a browser based suite of software tools that brings together all information from a user’s Amazon Seller Account under one login, with clear menu options at each level.  The Stat Graphs section, which features the new Sessions graph, includes a dozen key graphs that can be sorted and adjusted by range to give a visual representation of all activity.

“The new Sessions graph is an important addition to our Stats section,”  says Mr. Jepsen.  “This particular metric gives you an idea of how often customers are visiting your page, and not just clicking through, or popping on and off during a short span of time.  With this graph you can get a much better idea of real traffic, and real user interest.”

For more details on the ManageByStats program please visit the company’s website. If interested parties have further questions, they are invited to contact the company directly by email.