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ManageByStats Joins Amazon Marketplace Developer Council

The Announcement

Philip Jepsen, our CEO here at ManageByStats, has announced that ManageByStats was invited to and has joined the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council.  As a member of the Council ManageByStats will provide helpful information to Amazon, which ultimately may be used to further and improve Amazon’s services and offerings for sellers and developers.“We’ve been an MWS developer for several years,”  Philip reported. “Providing a variety of tools to assist businesses that sell on Amazon.  Being part of the Council will, we hope, give us a chance to impart some of the many things we’ve learned in that time, along with our most recent insights.  The idea is that this input will assist Amazon in developing tools and services.”

What It Is

Members of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council have a unique perspective and understanding of the small and medium-sized businesses that sell on Amazon. Through the Marketplace Developer Council, members share valuable insights and feedback on existing and prospective tools and programs to influence and shape the road map and priorities for Marketplace Web Service APIs and associated tools.  ManageByStats will participate in this, and is happy for the chance to contribute to the creation of that future.“Amazon is a global standard,”  Philip said. “Getting the opportunity to influence their vision, even in small part, is huge.  We’ve long helped businesses that sell on Amazon get the most out of their actions there. If participation in the Council now, in turn, leads to even more betterment … how great is that?  We’re very excited.”For more information contact us directly, or have a look around here on our site.  We can also be contacted directly by email.We're happy to be making this announcement.