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ManageByStats This Week – Issue 1810

“Information for the informed Amazon seller”

ManageByStats This Week covers a selection of industry and Amazon news, along with updates, tips and tricks for ManageByStats.



In this issue we’ve got some great tips and a few answered questions on SellerMail, along with valuable tips for Amazon sellers under both The World Of Amazon and General Interest sections.

This is the last week before we head out to Vegas. The massive ASD tradeshow is finally upon us. Check out our MBS exclusive and get a free ticket to ASD Market Week.

See you there!



Speaking of tradeshows, we made the news this week for our appearances this season, both upcoming and recent …

ManageByStats To Attend Two Major Events In Next Two Months



For those of you using SellerMail, our automated email service, you can find emails that were Sent and emails that are Scheduled to be sent under the menu sections of the same name. Each has columns you can sort by:

SellerMail > Sent

SellerMail > Scheduled

Additionally, under Scheduled you can click links to see more info on the scheduled customer, the Amazon Order ID, etc. You can also delete individual scheduled emails, or Delete all results if you’re searching for groups of emails that meet a certain criteria:



In SellerMail, what’s the difference between a trigger and a filter?

This has come up, so we thought we’d take a moment to explain the difference between the two. There are many filter options for each message, but only a few triggers.

First, the definition of each.

  • Trigger = an event that causes an email to be sent.
  • Filter = the parameters that define when and whether a message will be sent, once it has been triggered.

Think of the trigger as an event that says, “Send this email.” A filter, then, is the voice that says, “Wait. Before you send it, make sure it meets these criteria.”

In SellerMail, when editing/creating a message, the triggers are these:

Under the Rules section, specifically and only the “after” options. Those are the triggers.

All other selections, including “Send this email”, are filters that define something about the sending action, such as when it will be sent, if it will be sent, etc.

Let’s take an example. Say you’ve set a trigger of Shipped:

And filters of 5.00 days and SKU-92:

When an order is shipped, the message will be triggered. Filter criteria will then be applied. In the above case, the message will only be sent if the order is for SKU-92. Also, it will be scheduled to be sent 5 days from the time it was shipped.

Other filters can also be applied.

There are many filters available when creating/editing a message.



Some samples of responses on the Support lines this week:

“Thank you! You guys are awesome. :)”

“I am very impressed with ManageByStats and its support service.”

“Thank you! This video explanation was perfect! I can’t believe how awesome your customer service is! We are loving MBS so far!”

“I’m impressed with the service you have provided. Kudos to you and MBS!”

“Thanks again for your amazing customer service. It’s so refreshing getting the support that we have gotten from you throughout this process.”

“Thank you!! This is customer service which is far beyond anything I have experienced before.”



Most of you are already selling on Amazon, and you may already have your own formula for success when choosing new products. Strategies for product selection abound. The following article brings together six key attributes for ensuring product success on Amazon …

What Makes The Best Product To Sell On Amazon?



Chinese manufacturers are in a unique position when it comes to Amazon. They know what’s being sold, how much it costs, and where the market is. They’ve also got years of exporting experience.

  • Over 250,000 Chinese sellers joined Amazon’s marketplace this year.
  • 31% of Amazon sellers are based in China.

The following takes a look at what major Chinese sellers are doing, along with a few practical tips you can implement. Using one major success story let’s review some things you can focus on …

Eight Tips For Amazon Sellers



A cowboy walked into a bar and ordered a beer. When the barman served him, the cowboy asked, “It’s real quiet in here today.  Where is everybody?”

The barman replied, “Most people have gone to the hanging.”

“Who are they hanging?”

“Paper Bag Pete,” the barman replied.

“That’s a funny name, why do they call him that?” the cowboy asked.

The barman replied, “It’s ‘cause he wears a paper bag hat, a paper bag jacket, a paper bag shirt and paper bag trousers.”

“Strange guy,” said the cowboy. “Why are they hanging him?”

The barman replied, “Rustling!”





“Business opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming.”

– Richard Branson




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