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ManageByStats This Week – Issue 1817

“Information for the informed Amazon seller”

ManageByStats This Week covers a selection of industry and Amazon news, along with updates, tips and tricks for ManageByStats.



Hello, and welcome to a new week. This issue we’ve got an interesting collection for you. In The World Of Amazon we’re posting Amazon’s annual letter to shareholders, written by Mister Jeff Bezos himself. In some ways it’s almost like a motivational slash self-improvement piece – great stuff for us Amazon sellers.

We delve a little into AI (Artificial Intelligence) in General Interest, and as usual we’ve got some great hatting in Tips & Tricks and What Users Are Asking.

Let’s get started.



Last week we officially announced our Advertising tool. This week we rolled out the Trial version. You can now take it for a free, 14-day test run with all the features …

Trial Version Of New ManageByStats PPC Tool Released



In order to gather data for your ManageByStats account we connect to your Amazon Seller Central with an Amazon API, an interface that we, as an authorized Amazon Developer, use to get info, and we also ask you to invite a specific user. This user ends with an “” domain.

You can find this user in your ManageByStats under Settings. In your MBS go to:

Settings > Seller Accounts

There you’ll see the User Email which has been assigned for each shop:

Note that in the above example the User Status for the UK shop shows “No permission to access data”. These permissions are established during signup, and should not change. However, if something should happen with the permissions, you’ll see a warning message on your Dashboard when you log into your MBS. Something like this:

If you see this warning, you can go to Settings > Seller Accounts, as above, and get your User Email. Then, follow the steps in this video:

Adding Permissions – How To Sync ManageByStats To Seller Central

Managing permissions is discussed at about the 1 minute mark. Follow the steps from there to confirm permissions for that User Email.



How do I get the new Advertising tool?

With the introduction of the new Advertising tool, we’ve had some questions on how to activate it. (If your Advertising tool is already active, but is not yet showing data, skip to Step Two below.)


Step One

On the main menu of your ManageByStats, click Advertising. You’ll see this screen if you’ve not yet used the tool:

You can either:

  • Subscribe, or
  • Start a trial

The trial is for 14 days and you’ll get all the features of the tool during that period. You can subscribe at any time.


Step Two

Once you make either selection, the last thing you’ll need to do is connect your Amazon Advertising API. An API is an interface that we, as an authorized Amazon Developer, use to connect and get info. In this case we’re getting ads and PPC info.

After you subscribe or start the trial, you’ll see a message like this at the top of your Advertising section:

Click the Grant Access button to add the API. You’ll be asked to log into Amazon, then directed back to this screen. The connection will then be made and data will begin to populate. It may take several hours to fully update. After that you’ll be all set.

While the data populates you’ll want to take a look at the Knowledge Base info on the tool. Specifically the Advertising Tool Overview video:

Advertising Tool Overview Video



“Besides all of the terrific tools that ManageByStats offers, their support has been world class. It is highly unusual these days to have a company provide the level of phone support and follow up that MBS does. They go overboard in helping you solve any problems that occur and in providing resources to enable you to stay ahead of the game. Highly recommend you give MBS a try.” 

  • Don



How do you stay ahead of ever-rising customer expectations? There’s no single way to do it – it’s a combination of many things. But high standards (widely deployed and at all levels of detail) are certainly a big part of it. We’ve had some successes over the years in our quest to meet the high expectations of customers. We’ve also had billions of dollars’ worth of failures along the way. With those experiences as backdrop, I’d like to share with you the essentials of what we’ve learned (so far) about high standards inside an organization …

So begins Jeff Bezos’s recent letter to Amazon’s shareholders. It’s 6 pages, but it includes great insight from the guy who’s built this multi-billion dollar retail giant. We’ve included a link to the SEC filing here, so you can absorb it at your leisure …

Jeff Bezos Letter To Shareholders



Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become part of our everyday lives. Whether we realize it or not we interact with some form of AI almost every day. It makes programs more intuitive, and gives developers options for offering more intelligent services. In fact, at ManageByStats we’re using AI to develop some of our latest and upcoming tools, specifically in the area of Amazon Sponsored Ads.

Here’s a great rundown of the technology, along with a comprehensive list of the platforms that are already out there …

Artificial Intelligence Platforms To Help You Grow Your Business



Two snakes are hanging out, when one asks the other, “Hey, are we venomous?”

The other snake replies, “I’m not sure.”

“Well I hope not,” says the first, “because I just bit my tongue.”


A grasshopper walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey! We have a drink named after you!” The grasshopper, excited, replies, “You have a drink named Steve!?”


Did you hear about the antennas that got married?

The ceremony was okay, but the reception was amazing.


Two fish are in a tank. One looks to the other and says, “You man the guns! I’ll drive!”

(that one you have to think about a moment)


What’s the difference between a well-dressed man on a unicycle and a poorly dressed man on a bicycle?






“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”

– Chinese Proverb




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