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ManageByStats This Week – Issue 1827

News For The Informed Amazon Seller.

ManageByStats This Week covers a selection of industry and Amazon news, along with updates, tips and tricks for ManageByStats.



This week we’ve got some helpful info for SellerMail, including Emojis and tips on how to use tables in your SellerMail rules to deliver maximum impact.  Check out MBS In The News and Tips & Tricks.

Of particular note to us sellers, Amazon is rolling out a new system to manage the inventory of third-party merchants.  We’ve got a helpful article covering that in The World Of Amazon.

And some interesting developments with Instagram.  See how they’re poised to compete with YouTube, in our General Interest section.

As always, enjoy!



You’ve been asking for them, and we now have emojis available in SellerMail.  Believe it or not this has been one of our top requests recently, and we’ve answered your call.  You can now insert emojis in your SellerMail rules.

We made an announcement this week and it made the news …

Emojis Are Now Available For Insert Into ManageByStats’ SellerMail



As we mentioned in the last issue, we’re at the ASD Market Week in Las Vegas in July.  More info will be coming, but it’s not too early to start planning a visit. If you’ll be at the ASD this July we’d love to see you.  We’ll have a booth, and will be meeting and greeting everyone we can while we’re there.

Use our ASD widget to connect with MBS …

ManageByStats At The ASD



If you’re using SellerMail in ManageByStats, you’ve got some experience with the Rules editor.  There are a number of features in the editor, one of which is a handy table function that lets you position elements and create a more professional layout.

Can you guess what this week’s Tips & Tricks will cover?

We’re going to step you through using tables.  We’ll start with a New Email Rule open for initial edit.  In this example, we’ll set up two different tables within the message; one to hold our logo and one that will have two columns that will be used as formatting for the remainder of the message.

For the logo table choose a 1×1 table with a 1 pixel border that is 700 pixels in width.  You will need to experiment with this a bit to see what works best for you, but this is probably a good way to begin.

Insert a couple of lines after the first table (hitting Enter) and then create another table.  In this example we added a 2 column X 3 row table for use to format our particular look. Do realize that the width of the table is later adjustable, the number of rows & columns can be adjusted by right clicking on the table and selecting the appropriate portion you wish to change.

It helps to add your text first, just so you can get a feel of the proportions next to the image files you’ll be importing.  Next, import the first image. In this case, the image is too large and needs to be adjusted which is accomplished by double-clicking on the image after you’ve seen that it is successfully uploaded.

Open the image tool to reduce the size by double-clicking the image.

After uploading all images, resizing as needed, refining text and finalizing you’re your signature block, send a test email to check the look.

There are many things that can be done with tables, but we recommend keeping it fairly rudimentary until you’re confident you can produce the outcome you desire.



Breaking news.  Amazon is rolling out a system to manage the inventory of third-party merchants.  We’ve been seeing it in our Seller Central, the little Inventory slider with a numeric measurement.  Dubbed Inventory Performance Index, the solution aims to compel sellers to more efficiently use their allotted spaces in Amazon’s warehouses.

Here’s a short article with some important info …

Amazon Launches Inventory Performance Index To Maintain Merchant Inventory



Through our partnership with AMZ & Beyond, we’re happy to extend this special, limited access for our MBS users to the AMZ & Beyond coaching success mentors:

AMZ & Beyond

AMZ & Beyond helps you take your Amazon/eComm business to the next level through your own personal coaching success mentors.



Instagram  is ready to compete head-on with YouTube, and will begin allowing users to upload videos up to one hour in length. This is important info for anyone running a branded channel on YouTube, or elsewhere, for that matter.  The new IGTV will open up yet another avenue for reaching your customers …

Instagram Launches IGTV App For Creators



A DEA agent comes by a farmer’s ranch as part of an investigation he’s doing into reports of illegal crops being grown in the area.  The farmer is in his rocking chair on the porch, watching as the man in the suit and tie approaches.

“I’m with the DEA,”  the agent tells the farmer.  “I’ll be out in your fields looking around.”

“That’s fine,”  the farmer says.  He points to the far end of his property,  “but you best stay out of that yonder one.”

The DEA agent scoffs.  “I’m a federal agent,” he says.  “With a badge.” He holds up his badge proudly.  “I’ll go anywhere I damn well please. This badge means no one can stop me.”

The farmer shrugs.  “Suit yourself.”

The agent goes off to snoop around.  Not much later the farmer sees the agent fleeing the far field at a full sprint, at his heels the farmer’s prize bull, snorting and charging, head down.  As the agent gets close, huffing and puffing, the farmer stands up from his chair.

“Quick!”  he yells to the agent.  “Show him your badge!”





“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

– Robert Frost




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