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ManageByStats This Week - Issue 1830


Hello and welcome.The week we have our second installment of The Power Of A Strong Core, covering the importance of your business philosophy.  We’re excited with where this segment is headed. We hope you’re enjoying it as well!We’ve got a great training opportunity in our Countdown section, for anyone looking to get Amazon Sponsored Ads training from one of the foremost experts.  And speaking of Amazon Sponsored Ads, Amazon is looking to take those outside their massive universe, out to the internet at large.  Check out The World Of Amazon.Plus the Bid History feature in our Advertising tool, and info on your Affiliate commission and how to claim it.Here’s to a fantastic week. 


We were in the news for the Bid History feature of our Advertising tool …Bid History Feature Tracks Record Of Bids On Amazon Sponsored Ads 


THE AMAZING SHOWDOWNA great series for anyone wanting to learn more about Amazon Sponsored Ads.  Learn directly from Amazon Sponsored Ads expert, Cherie Yvette (works with multi-million dollar sellers only).  Affectionately known as the Urban Cowgirl, Cherie will walk you step-by-step through EVERYTHING needed to achieve incredible success with Amazon’s sponsored ads.Sign up for this amazing learning opportunity today.The Amazing ShowdownASD MARKET WEEKCome see us at our booth at the ASD Market Week in Las Vegas in July.  If you’ll be at the ASD this July we’d love to see you. We’ll be meeting and greeting everyone we can while we’re there.Use our ASD widget to connect with MBS …ASD WIDGET 


It’s been a while since we discussed our Affiliate program.  Did you know you may already be a ManagebyStats Affiliate? If you’re using MBS, you have your own, custom Affiliate link.  You can find it on the MBS Settings menu here:The link there is unique to you, and if you use it when referring anyone to ManageByStats, you get a 25% commission on all payments they make for the main service.All you need to do is provide a PayPal email where the payments will be sent, and you can then track your payments and affiliates on the same page.Recommend MBS to others, and get paid for helping them get the tools that will help them succeed. 


In its latest bid to close the gap with Google and Facebook in digital ad sales, Amazon plans to dramatically increase the available space for one of its most important formats, Sponsored Products: It could let brands run them across the internet, not just within its own properties.Amazon is talking with top agencies and brands about participating in a test that would expand the scope of product ads, delivering them to outside websites by retargeting consumers who visit Amazon, according to ad industry executives familiar with the strategy ...Amazon To Test New Ground For Its Sponsored Products Ads: The Rest Of The Internet 


What does philosophy have to do with business?  How important is it to have your business philosophy worked out?A company's philosophy is a representation of its core values, which in turn guides each aspect of the business, and generally informs decisions at every level.A good philosophy aligns with the company’s brand, and in many ways the two go hand in hand.  Your branding should reflect your philosophy, and vice versa.Your business philosophy is what sets the tone for action, and is the foundation of your company culture, both within the corporate walls and without …The Importance Of Your Business Philosophy 


__My wife said to me in anger, “You haven’t listened to a thing I’ve said!”I thought, What a strange way to start a conversation.__I picked up a hitchhiker last night.  He seemed surprised that I’d pick up a stranger and asked,  “Thanks but why would you pick me up? How do you know I’m not a serial killer?”I told him the chances of two serial killers being in one car would be astronomical.__Headquarters:  “I have your next assignment, 007.  I’m sending you to a party.”007: “What are my orders?”Headquarters: “Mingle.  Meet people. Make friends ... Bond, James. Bond.”__Fred:  I’ve been dating a girl who carries a taser everywhere.Ted:  What’s she like?Fred:  Stunning.__FUNNY REVIEWS


“Work like there's someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.”- Mark Cuban 


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