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This week we’ve got a great article on email optimization, chock full of info-graphics and stats, under Sellers’ Paradise.

Also, we debuted some great new videos for the Prosper Show. You can read about them here:

ManageByStats Launches New Videos For The Prosper Show

In Tips & Tricks we tell you about the not-so-hidden gem in your MBS, SellerBlast. If you haven’t yet given it a look, you may be surprised what you’re missing.

And this week, something for new Amazon sellers.  If you yourself are new at the game, or if you know someone who’s new to selling on Amazon or is thinking about jumping in, we’ve got a webinar they’ll want to attend.  Check out this week’s Building A Brand section for more.

It’s all about spreading the knowledge and the help.

Here’s to a great week!



On Monday, February 18th at 7 PM CST, our partners at, Mike McClary and Matt Clark, will be hosting an incredible webinar covering how to build a brand.

They’ll be showing Amazon beginners how to build a business from scratch in 2019, completely bootstrapped.

Some of the things that will be covered:

  • 20 specially selected product opportunities that each sell over $500,000 per year on Amazon – and that can be sourced and launched for $500 or less.
  • The blueprint for taking any one of these products and turning it into a thriving, profitable business – no experience necessary.
  • A proven 2-minute process for finding multiple suppliers for any product.
  • 5 simple steps to ensure your product beats out 99% of the competition.
  • The secret formula used by top sellers for launching and ranking their products to the top.

If you or someone you know (or you and someone you know) could benefit from this, sign up today for Monday’s webinar.  See you there.

Register For This Free Webinar Today



Social media marketing could promote your brand to a large audience base, SEO could bring your website to the first page of Google search results, but only email marketing lets you reach your customers directly.

Among all marketing channels, email marketing is considered to be the best in terms of generating revenues and customer engagement.

Optimizing your campaigns to get the best results therefore becomes a priority …

Tips To Optimize Email Campaign For Better Results

On that note, did you know you have an Email Campaign tool in your ManageByStats?  It’s called SellerBlast, and it lets you create and send campaigns to your customers using their Amazon email address.

Want to know more? See the next section for tips on how to use it.



You have an Email Campaign tool in your ManageByStats, called SellerBlast, and it’s integrated directly with the core suite of tools. All you have to do is activate it.

With SellerBlast you can create email campaigns to your customers, filtered by date of purchase, product(s) purchased, repeat buyer status, whether refunded or not and many other criteria.

The emails you create are then sent to the customer’s Amazon cloaked email address.

SellerBlast uses the SellerMail engine to send emails. If you’re not yet using SellerBlast, when you go to it in your menu in MBS you’ll see this:

SellerBlast is free for your Amazon cloaked email addresses. You can create lists of customers to email to based on filters such as:

  • Date of purchase
  • Product(s) purchased
  • Repeat buyer status
  • Whether they refunded or not

You can also create coupon files and send unique coupons to your lists.

Amazon allows you to use their messaging system to email your customers, using the customer’s email address, and they actually permit a relatively high daily volume.

The Amazon allowed daily message volume is:

600 + (5 x Avg Daily Orders)

In other words, Amazon gives all sellers 600 messages a day to start, then adds to that a varying count based on average daily orders.

For example, if you average 100 orders a day, Amazon multiples that by 5, allowing you to send 500 messages a day to your customers, plus the 600 they allow to start, or, in that case, 1,100 messages sent through their messaging system each day.

Taking advantage of that allowed daily limit can be tedious if you’re trying to reach many customers with the same message — near impossible if you’re reaching out to hundreds or even thousands. SellerBlast was designed to make it easy.

SellerBlast throttles each send to fall with these requirements. It’s in your ManageByStats, and you can give it a try today.



As you look over Amazon’s results for the important holiday period, here’s a look beyond the headline metrics. Given how far-reaching the e-commerce and cloud-computing company is, there’s a lot of information from the update for investors to consider.

These four metrics are important but could easily be overlooked …

Don’t Overlook These Metrics From Amazon’s Fourth-Quarter Update



A man walks into a bar with his dog.

“This is a talking dog. If this dog can answer my questions, who will buy me a drink?” he asks.

“You can have one on the house,” the bartender says.

The man turns to his dog. “What goes on the top of a house?”

Dog: “Roof!”

Man: “What does tree bark feel like?”

Dog: “Rough!”

Man: “Who is the greatest baseball player ever?”

Dog: “Ruth!”

The bartender is clearly annoyed and snaps at the man. “That’s enough. You and your dog, get out.”

After the man and the dog are thrown out, the dog looks sadly at his owner. “Should I have said DiMaggio?”



“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

– Steve Martin


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