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Hello, and welcome to this week’s edition.

For openers, let us say that if you’re thinking of selling your Amazon business, we’ve got a resource that can help. Check it out under Sellers’ Paradise.

And our first big event of the year is getting close. The Prosper Show is in mid-March, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there. See MBS Out & About for more.

In The World of Amazon we have a podcast that covers 3 amazing new Amazon discoveries you won’t want to miss. And under Tips & Tricks we show you how to use the Scheduler in your Advertising tool.

Here’s to a great week.



Prosper Show

The incredible Prosper Show, certified nirvana for Amazon sellers, is coming to Vegas, March 17th thru the 19th, and we’ve got a discount code:

MBS Discount Code: EXIV838375

Register For Prosper

Come see us there.



SellerCon is the event you don’t want to miss, and it’s happening this June 21st thru the 23rd. Join thousands of Amazon sellers in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover what’s working now on Amazon, what’s changed, and how to build a thriving global brand.

ManageByStats will be in attendance, and we’ve got a very special deal we’re sharing with you here. For more on SellerCon — and to get this special offer — visit the SellerCon site:

SellerCon 2019




Some Sellers get into Amazon to play the long game, others are simply looking for a way to make extra money, still others have it in mind to build value into a brand then look for the most profitable exit strategy.

If you fall in this latter category, the team over at Global Wired Advisors can help. Their process is much different than the typical business broker. Investment Bankers by trade and career, Global Wired Advisors bring tremendous expertise to any Amazon business looking to sell.

Global Wired Advisors

They offer a complimentary valuation and consultation to walk you through discovering the true value of the business and the brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

If you’re considering a sale, use their free tool to see what it may be worth:

Business Value Estimator



You’ve got a great feature in your ManageByStats Advertising tool, that lets you schedule and/or boost bids, to automatically take advantage of peak periods.

Under Advertising > Keywords you’re able to schedule in order to save on bids, or to boost bids during peak hours.

For each Keyword, you’ll see a Scheduling icon:

Click the icon to schedule that keyword.

Make your selections:

  1. Select your time slots.  Time slots during which that Keyword will be paused (no bids) are marked blue.  Time slots during which the bid will be boosted are marked yellow.
  2. Select whether to Pause or Boost during the selected slot.
  3. For Boosts set the amount, percentage or a precise amount.

NOTE: Times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

For the Boost time slots, select whether you will boost by Percentage, Amount or Precise Amount:

Amount will add the specified dollar amount to the current bid.  Precise Amount will change the bid to the indicated amount.

Use your Advertising scheduling tool to let the system make automatic adjustments based on your predefined windows of opportunity.



This week we’re sharing a podcast from Ben Cummings, where he and his guest discuss three new Amazon discoveries.

You’ll want to allocate about an hour for this, a slot of time that’s well worth it, as Ben is always full of great tips, advice, and actionable items to help you scale your Amazon business …

3 Killer New Amazon Discoveries



After 3 years, a wife starts to think their child looks different than either her or her husband, so she decides to do a DNA test.

She finds out the child is actually from completely different parents.

Wife: “Honey, I have something very serious to tell you.”

Husband: “What’s wrong?”

Wife: “According to DNA test results, this is not our child.”

Husband: “Well of course. Don’t you remember? When we were leaving the hospital, we noticed the baby had a wet diaper and you said, ‘Honey, go change the baby, I’ll wait for you here.’ ”



“You should set targets for yourself that are 10x greater than what you believe you can achieve, and you should take actions that are 10x greater than what you believe are necessary to achieve your goals.”

– Grant Cardone


All the best,

Your ManageByStats Team


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