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ManageByStats This Week - Issue 1913


This week we introduce a new section to our weekly letter. Actually, it’s more like we’re expanding an existing section, and it’s pretty big news for ManageByStats This Week.To date we’ve used the section MBS Out & About to keep you up-to-date on where we’ll be and how to find us at shows. We’re still going to use the section for that purpose, but it will now feature additional info and have a new name:OpportunitiesThe reason for the change/expansion is that we’re finding ourselves privy to more and more opportunities that are not exclusively shows and events. Training opportunities, summits, deals, group memberships and other offers to which we have access will now appear in this section. ManageByStats has many relationships within the Amazon community, and, as you know, within that community opportunities abound. Often times we’re able to pass these on to you, our MBS family.When we can we’ll do it here.So look at this new section almost as a bulletin board. Any opportunities we have that we feel can benefit you and your business, we’ll cover here. That will include events, and may also include training and other offers.Tell your friends. Open each issue of ManageByStats This Week when it hits your inbox and, when you’re done checking the Humor section (yes, we know where you head first), be sure to at least have a look at Opportunities and see what’s cooking.Lots of great stuff happening! 


Since we’re throwing so much at you this week in the new Opportunities section, our Tip for this issue will be:Check out the amazing announcements in that section and see if anything appeals.Also. Be forewarned. The MBS elves have been working overtime on not just one but multiple great new tools and features. More news coming very soon.Expect some pretty incredible release announcements in the next few issues. 


Our Founder and CEO, Philip Jepsen, was a guest on a popular video podcast this week. In the video he talks about how and why he started ManageByStats, and reveals other secrets to his Amazon success ...ManageByStats CEO Interviewed on Facebook 


This week a fun, interesting bit of information on one of Amazon’s many strategies for market dominance. Amazon is such a massive operation it’s now a large draw from the relatively small talent pool of PhD economists, which in the United States grows by about only 1,000 new graduates every year. Although the definition of “economist” is fuzzy, the discipline is generally understood as the study of how people use resources and respond to incentives.In the past few years, Amazon has hired more than 150 PhD economists, making it probably the largest employer in the field behind institutions like the Federal Reserve, which has hundreds of economists on staff …Amazon’s Edge With Secret Squad Of PhD Economists 


Here it is. The new section, launching this issue.Each item begins with an italicized header ... Riding the Facebook Ads WaveThis is a hot one.It’s also time-sensitive. In this live webinar training, the Facebook Ninja, Manuel Suarez, will show you 5 killer strategies he’s using to generate over 1.7 million in Amazon sales monthly. Come learn how to use Facebook Advertising as the fuel to skyrocket your Amazon brand.Learn:
  • How to Easily Create Content for Your Amazon Brand That Gets Your Brand Attention
  • How to Create Simple but Effective Video Ads that Convert
  • How to Find a Winning Audience Like a Ninja!
  • How to Easily Retarget People Interested in Your Brand and Get More Sales
How to Skyrocket Your Amazon Brand Using the Power of FacebookNext Thursday, April 4th at 3 pm EST.  Don’t miss it. SellerConSellerCon is the event of the year for Amazon sellers. Join thousands of your peers in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover what’s working now on Amazon, what’s changed, and how to build a thriving global brand.ManageByStats will be in attendance, and we’ve got a very special deal we’re sharing with you here. For more on SellerCon -- and to get this special offer -- visit the SellerCon site:SellerCon 2019PROMO CODE: SELLER20 IRCE ChicagoIRCE Chicago begins two days after SellerCon, so there’s time to do a little state-hopping and head there from Vegas after SellerCon ends.Sign up for IRCE here:IRCE 2019Promo Code: EXIV838375 EmpoweryDo you believe that people working together can accomplish more than one person can do on their own?What if you had a group of allies, all intent on the same goal?Welcome to Empowery. The Empowery eCommerce Cooperative is about uniting the power of individual Internet Sellers so that each member can accomplish more.Empowery members have access to a network of successful business owners on whose expertise they can rely on to help them over business-related speed bumps. In return, your knowledge and experience add valuable authority to the group.They’re having a 3-day Inaugural Summit in Seattle this May, the 16th thru the 18th.Empowery Inaugural SummitGeneral Admission: MBS20GAVIP Admission: VIPMBS20We’ll be sharing more in the coming newsletters. This is a great opportunity to connect with a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, allowing you to both add to and draw from a stable source of knowledge and power. Ecommerce Launch SummitThis is an online event, and you can register for your free ticket now.It will feature 13 of the world’s most talented Amazon FBA experts, showing you proven, step-by-step strategies for building and scaling a massively profitable private label business. Over 2 days, they’ll take you through the entire 7 Core Private Label Processes -- from picking winning products to building profitable product launches and beyond.Each session is designed to deliver actionable, “How To” content you can implement right away for powerful results.Our very own Philip Jepsen, Creator, Founder and CEO of MBS, is in the lineup and will be bringing his knowledge and insight directly to you.The Summit is coming to a computer screen near you this April 17th and 18th.Register for the Ecommerce Launch Summit 


Badump Bump …A woman drives to the local grocery store to buy a turkey to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner.She’s picking through the frozen turkeys, but can’t find one big enough for her entire family.She asks a stock boy, “Excuse me, do these turkeys get any bigger?”The stock boy replies, “No, ma’am. They're dead.”__I’m like the fabric version of King Midas. Everything I touch becomes felt.__I always used to get small shocks when touching metal objects, but it recently stopped. Needless to say, I’m ex-static.__My wife keeps telling me to stop pretending to be butter. But I’m on a roll now.__A proud new Dad sits down with his own father for a celebratory drink.His father says, “Son, now you’ve got a child of your own, I think it’s time you had this.”And with that, he pulls out a book called, 1001 Dad Jokes.The new Dad says, “Dad, I’m honored,” as tears well up in his eyes.His father says, “Hi, Honored, nice to meet you. I’m Dad.” 


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