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Today’s the day. The big Facebook Masters Webinar happens this afternoon. On this webinar the Facebook Ninja, Manuel Suarez, will show you 5 killer FB strategies to rocket your Amazon brand.


  • How to Easily Create Content for Your Amazon Brand That Gets Your Brand Attention
  • How to Create Simple but Effective Video Ads that Convert
  • How to Find a Winning Audience Like a Ninja!
  • How to Easily Retarget People Interested in Your Brand and Get More Sales

How to Skyrocket Your Amazon Brand Using the Power of Facebook

This is one you won’t want to miss, and it’s happening today at 3 pm EST.



We’ve got some great new stuff coming over the next few weeks, and not just feature updates but several whole new tools. Stay tuned here over the coming issues to learn more.

Meanwhile, this week we thought we’d cover customer reporting, and give you some tips on the wide flexibility you have available when setting report criteria.

In your ManageByStats, Customers, you have a Generate Report option with multiple selection options.

In addition to SKU selections, which allow you to select out individual products, groups of products or use your custom product tags, you have selections for:

  • Report Type, which lets you choose the formatting of the output file, based on several popular options.
  • Date Range, so you can specify the reporting period.
  • Refund Status, if desired, in order to restrict or include customers from the list based on whether or not they’ve refunded.
  • Repeat Buyer Status, or whether or not the customer has purchased from you more than once.
  • Latest Feedback, in cases where you’d like to define the customer list according to the range of feedback (if any) they’ve left.
  • Spent More Than, which gives you an option to restrict the output list to customers who spent above a certain value.

Take a look at Generate Report in the Customers menu in your MBS, and see what sorts of lists will work best for your needs.

Your customers are your goldmine, and ManageByStats makes it as easy as possible to get info on this vital part of your Amazon business.



Take Great Product Images

We’ve all come across sites where the product images aren’t good. They don’t showcase the product, and they don’t make us want to buy the product.

In e-commerce, images are everything.

Here’s how to take amazing product shots on a low budget and optimize them for better SEO and conversions …

The Ultimate Guide to Taking and Optimizing Ecommerce Product Images

ManageByStats Affiliate

Don’t forget you have an Affiliate link just by being a member of MBS. Find your link under Settings > Affiliate Link.

Give your custom link to friends and prospects.  If anyone uses that link to sign up for MBS you get 25% of what they pay for the main service.  It’s a pretty sweet way to help others who need help managing their Amazon business — and make a little extra dough at the same time.

Win win.



Many of you are using Amazon Sponsored Ads to some greater or lesser degree.  Sponsored Ads, or PPC (Pay Per Click), have become key to driving traffic to your Amazon listing.

For the new user, or those who’ve been using Sponsored Ads but don’t yet have a full grasp of all aspects, here’s a brief primer that helps bring everything into focus:

What You Should Know About Amazon PPC Campaigns

And on the subject, did you know we offer a course on PPC?

For Amazon sellers at every level, ManageByStats offers a full course covering all things PPC and Sponsored Ads. Called AMAZON SPONSORED ADS: FROM BASICS TO PRO, the course is 23 videos covering the entire subject, delivered by our founder, Philip Jepsen, a proven seller with millions of dollars in Amazon sales.

The class is online, it works with actionable examples, meaning you can apply it right as you’re learning, and it’s available now …





SellerCon is the event of the year for Amazon sellers. Join thousands of your peers in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover what’s working now on Amazon, what’s changed, and how to build a thriving global brand.

ManageByStats will be in attendance, and we’ve got a very special deal we’re sharing with you here. For more on SellerCon — and to get this special offer — visit the SellerCon site:

SellerCon 2019


IRCE Chicago

IRCE Chicago begins two days after SellerCon, so there’s time to do a little state-hopping and head there from Vegas after SellerCon ends.

Sign up for IRCE here:

IRCE 2019

Promo Code: EXIV838375


Do you believe that people working together can accomplish more than one person can do on their own?

What if you had a group of allies, all intent on the same goal?

Welcome to Empowery. The Empowery eCommerce Cooperative is about uniting the power of individual Internet Sellers so that each member can accomplish more.

Empowery members have access to a network of successful business owners on whose expertise they can rely on to help them over business-related speed bumps. In return, your knowledge and experience add valuable authority to the group.

They’re having a 3-day Inaugural Summit in Seattle this May, the 16th thru the 18th.

Empowery Inaugural Summit

General Admission: MBS20GA

VIP Admission: VIPMBS20

We’ll be sharing more in the coming newsletters. This is a great opportunity to connect with a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, allowing you to both add to and draw from a stable source of knowledge and power.

Ecommerce Launch Summit

This is an online event, and you can register for your free ticket now.

It will feature 13 of the world’s most talented Amazon FBA experts, showing you proven, step-by-step strategies for building and scaling a massively profitable private label business. Over 2 days, they’ll take you through the entire 7 Core Private Label Processes — from picking winning products to building profitable product launches and beyond.

Each session is designed to deliver actionable, “How To” content you can implement right away for powerful results.

Our very own Philip Jepsen, Creator, Founder and CEO of MBS, is in the lineup and will be bringing his knowledge and insight directly to you.

The Summit is coming to a computer screen near you this April 17th and 18th.

Register for the Ecommerce Launch Summit

ManageByStats / Quick Fast Hurry Special Webinar

April 11th

7 PM – 8 PM EDT

This special webinar partnership between ManageByStats and Quick Fast Hurry is going to be amazing!

Here is just a small sample of some of what will be covered in this training.

  • How to Select winning products to sell on Amazon that no one else is looking at
  • How to direct free traffic on Amazon back to your listing
  • How to Rank products effortlessly so your sales explode
  • How to get our brand new Amazon selling book “Selling on the River” absolutely FREE
  • You also learn how we took a dud product, making no money, and turned it into a cash cow with 43% margins doing over $121,696 per month

ManageByStats / Quick Fast Hurry Special Webinar



Einstein is on his way to an event. On the way there, he tells his driver, who looks a bit like him:

“I’m sick of all these conferences. I always say the same things over and over!”

The driver agrees: “You’re right. As your driver, I attended all of them, and even though I don’t know anything about science, I could give the conference in your place.”

“That’s a great idea!” says Einstein. “Let’s switch places then!”

So they switch clothes and as soon as they arrive, the driver dressed as Einstein goes on stage and starts giving the usual speech, while the real Einstein, dressed as the car driver, sits comfortably in the crowd.

But in the crowd, there is one scientist who wants to impress everyone and thinks of a very difficult question to ask Einstein, hoping he won’t be able to respond. So this guy stands up and interrupts the conference by posing his very difficult question. The whole room goes silent, holding their breath, waiting for the response.

The driver looks at him, dead in the eye, and says:

“Sir, your question is so easy I’m going to let my driver answer.”



“If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.”

– Mario Andretti


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team


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