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We’ve been at it 2 years now with these weekly letters. Hard to believe it’s been that long! Time flies.

If you’ve been with us any chunk of that time, odds are we’ve shared a few things you found useful, kept you up to date on the steadily improving world of ManageByStats, made you laugh once or twice, brought you important news and otherwise gave you reason to keep checking here each week when the new issue arrives.

Thanks for being a part of this journey.

This week we’ve got yet more goodness, tips and tidbits to help you, the Amazon sellers of the world. In Tips & New Stuff we cover graphlets, helpful little widgets available on your Dashboard. In Seller Insight find 15 ecommerce marketing strategies, along with info on displaying off-Amazon sales info in your MBS. And in The World of Amazon we take a look at a possible YouTube competitor.

Have a great week!



Did you know you can add “graphlets” to your ManageByStats Dashboards? A variation of dashlets, graphlets are informational tiles you can arrange on your Dashboard for a quick, visual representation of the statistics you want to see.

Add a graphlet to any Dashboard by clicking in a blank area:

Select the Graphs option, and any other criteria, same as you would for any other dashlet:

You can then position the new graphlet as desired.

Using the multiple available dashlet and graphlet options, in addition to the ability to create multiple, custom Dashboards, set the views you need to easily monitor the health of individual brands, products, tagged SKUs and entire shops.

Your MBS Dashboard is where it all begins.



In order to expand your reach, increase control, and reduce the risk of suffering the “all eggs in one basket” syndrome, many of you create and run online stores off Amazon. Whether you then fulfill orders through Amazon, or through your own warehouse, your off-Amazon storefront and ease of checkout are critical for conversions.

Here are some proven strategies to obtain new customers as well as entice old customers to keep coming back to your store. With these ecommerce marketing strategies and tips, the following article will teach you how to bring in traffic to your site, build relationships and trust with customers, and get back those lost sales …

15 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

If you are fulfilling your ecommerce site sales through Amazon, ManageByStats can show you that data.

In your MBS under:

Statistics > Settled Transactions

You can elect to Show Off-Amazon info:

Selecting that will add a row with sales for the selected period and parameters.



In January, Amazon filed a trademark application with the USPTO for the name FireTube. The description for FireTube reflects many of YouTube’s features. FireTube, Amazon says, would provide “online network services that enable users to share content, photos, videos, text, data, images and other electronic works.”

The company says FireTube would also deliver “non-downloadable pre-recorded audio, visual and audiovisual works via wireless networks on a variety of topics,” among other tasks …

Is Amazon Planning A YouTube Competitor?



Indisputable science

The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer much fewer heart attacks than the British and the Americans.

The French eat lots of fat and also suffer much fewer heart attacks than the British and the Americans.

The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer much fewer heart attacks than the British and the Americans.

The Italians drink mountains of red wine and also suffer much fewer heart attacks than the British and the Americans.

The Germans drink lots of beer and eat lots of sausages and fat, and suffer much fewer heart attacks than the British and the Americans.


You can eat and drink as you please. Apparently, what kills you is to speak English.

For the dads in the audience

Me: “I’m not very hungry, I just want something easy.”

Server: “Maybe the chicken strips for $6?”

Me: “Maybe it does, but that doesn’t help me with my hunger.”

Random dad across the restaurant: “Good one!”



“Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those doing it.”

– Chinese Proverb


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team


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