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ManageByStats How-To Video For Amazon Expansion Now Available For Replay

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In Tips & New Stuff this week we give you insight into the very helpful MBS Chrome Plugin. In other news, this shopping season holiday sales are expected to cross the $1 Trillion line for the first time in history; read more in Seller Insight. And in The World of Amazon the retail giant is ranked 3rd among the most valuable brands in the world. Can you guess who’s number one and number two?

Have a great week, and enjoy this issue of ManageByStats This Week.



Using the MBS Plugin

This week a tip on updating your graph data. If you run across an instance where you’re missing info for any periods on your graphs, you can use the MBS Chrome Plugin to update.

The Plugin can be used to gather Review and Feedback info, as well as update graphs and other data. A Plugin is a small application that runs right in the Google Chrome browser, and is a convenient way to add robust features seamlessly to web-based services. The MBS Plugin runs in the Google Chrome browser.

The Plugin lets you:

  • Update graph data
  • Update order & transaction data
  • Update reviews & feedback
  • Download missing products

In the case of missing data, you simply open the plugin and enter a few settings.

In order to fill in missing data from a prior time period, you need to set a start date. Rule of thumb is to set the date a few days prior to the date that needs to be corrected.

In the following example, let’s say we need to acquire a data point on Graphs for 3.Apr.2019, so we’ll set the date two days prior (1.Apr.2019). The manner in which Amazon reports data to MBS makes this a good practice so you don’t miss anything.

Settlement Report shows transactions of any kind that are closed. “Closed” in Amazon’s terms is “money has cleared and product has shipped.” Results in Transactions and Statistics can take between 4 and 12 hours to be reflected in MBS due to the scheduling of delivery on the Amazon side.

Sales And Traffic Report comes from the Amazon Business Report and helps fill in some of the data in Graphs. Items such as Quantity Ordered, Sales, Buy Box and others come from these two reports: Business and Settlement Reports. In practice, it’s generally ideal to select both together, although you can also select all three (Settlement, Sales and Business) as shown above.

For more on the MBS Plugin and how you can use it to update your data, check the info and videos in the Knowledge Base …

Using the MBS Chrome Plugin

New Option For SellerMail

You’ll notice a new button in your Email Rules in SellerMail:

MBS automatically adds an unsubscribe link to each email, which allows the recipient to unsubscribe either from receiving further emails related to that specific order, or from all future emails. Amazon also adds an unsubscribe link to each email, but the unsubscribe link added by Amazon only allows the customer to opt out of all future messages.

Amazon has been taking communication with buyers more seriously of late, and it may be advantageous to disable the automatic insertion of the MBS unsubscribe link. Therefore, in order to make that easier we’ve provided the above button.

Clicking that will cease the insertion of unsubscribe links in each email by MBS.

Note: once disabled, you can at any point click to Enable, and MBS will resume inserting unsubscribe links in each email.

This is basically an “on/off” button for inserting the MBS unsubscribe link.



We’ll have 6 fewer shopping days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but forecasts are still calling for this to be the first ever holiday shopping season that tops the transcendent $1 Trillion mark …

US Holiday Sales To Cross $1 Trillion For First Time



Amazon’s brand is the most valuable in the retail industry, worth nearly $125.3 billion. When it comes to the most valuable global brands, of all kind, Amazon comes in at No. 3 on Interbrand’s 2019 list. Apple and Google hold the No. 1 and No. 2 spots respectively.

With Amazon’s brand value increasing 24% year over year, it was among the fastest-growing on Interbrand’s list …

Amazon Ranks 3rd Among The Most Valuable Brands On Earth



A group of Engineering professors were invited to fly in a plane. Right after being comfortably seated, they were informed the plane was built by their students.

All but one got out of their seats in a panic and headed frantically to the exits.

The one lone professor that stayed calmly in his seat was asked: “Why did you stay put?”

“I have plenty of confidence in my students,” he said. “Knowing them, I for a fact can assure you this plane will never even start.”



“Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

 – Confucius


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team

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