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ManageByStats This Week - Issue 2010


Last Tuesday was, by far, our most successful “Ask Me Anything” event. We focused exclusively on Amazon PPC, and it was an absolute hit.We covered beginning to advanced strategies, covering high-level topics such as:
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Break-Even vs Target ACoS
  • Ad Costs of Total Sales
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Campaign Structures
With deep dives into each of those, and discussions of a multitude of component parts.The replay is now available.It’s an hour and forty minutes of valuable insight, tactics, tips, answers to must-know questions and much more.Pause, rewind, take your time to absorb all of this incredible insight.ManageByStats AMA of March 3rd -- PPC 


Walmart is working on a competitor to Amazon Prime, called Walmart+.Over the past 18 months Walmart has been exploring making its own paid membership model that would include certain perks that Amazon cannot match. As soon as March, Walmart is planning to begin publicly testing Walmart+.Walmart is considering an option where customers can use text messages to place orders, as part of Walmart+ ...Walmart is working on an Amazon Prime competitor, called Walmart+ 


A+ Content is available to all Amazon sellers and vendors with a brand listed in Brand Registry. It has been around for years for Amazon vendors, but merged with the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) program for sellers in July 2019, creating one unified system. At the same time, A+ Content became free for both vendors and sellers.The purpose of A+ Content is to improve your conversion rate, resulting in higher sales. This feeds back into your search ranking, resulting in more views of your product page, and higher sales still. It’s easy to see that the potential is huge ...Amazon A+ Content: All Your Questions Answered 


A man takes his sick Chihuahua to the veterinarian. They’re immediately taken back to a room.Soon, a Labrador walks in, sniffs the Chihuahua for 10 minutes and leaves. Then a cat comes in, stares at the Chihuahua for 10 minutes and leaves. Finally, the doctorcomes in, prescribes some medicine and hands the man a $250 bill.“This must be a mistake,” the man says. “I’ve been here only 20 minutes!”“No mistake,” the doctor says. “It’s $100 for the lab test, $100 for the cat scan and $50 for the medicine.” 


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