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Product listing optimization. Frustrating isn’t it?

You’ve got a great product to sell on Amazon that you know people are looking for but, your sales just aren’t where you want them to be. 

And, the truth is that no matter how great your product is if people can’t find it on Amazon they can’t buy it.

Think about this. 

Most buyers make their buying decisions based on the title and images of the product.

So, how can you optimize your Amazon product listing to get the most visibility?

Well, today we’ve got something that just might help you with that. 

These are 5 crucial components that can help boost your product’s Amazon visibility.


Product Title & Description

Keywords, my friend.

The keywords in your title will, most often, be a primary driver for your product to be found.

So, how do you choose the best keywords for a product title?

One way is to use the Amazon autosuggest.

Type in keywords relevant to your product, or the product you want to sell, and see what comes up. Then click on the one closest to what you’re after so that you see what the best sellers and Amazon promoted items are. Next, review them and model your title after the best ones. 

I know that seems like a lot of work, so is it okay if I make it easier for you?

You can use keyword research and tracking tools like the ones we offer in our Amazon Sellers Tools.  

Here’s an example, if you sell a first aid kit, you can name your product just so. 

However, you can help your item get more attention by stacking related keywords. 

If you type in first aid kit you’ll generally see options appear in order of priority. Instead of just putting “first aid kit” as a title, you test “small first aid kit for car and home”.

By doing so, you cover multiple keywords. 

This should help increase the possibility of being found in general search requests.

Remember to put in multiple keywords but don’t overdo it. The title still needs to be pleasing to the eyes without adding unneeded information.

So, what do you do with the other keywords that you have? 

That’s where the description comes into play. You can add more of the important keywords into your description and bullet points. 


High-Quality Product Images

Images have a massive effect on the customer’s decision whether to buy the product or not. And a lot of marketers are winning because they have better pictures compared to their competitors.

To win with images, follow these tips:

As a general rule always use a white background in product images. 

Some people use a different background for their pictures, but it is not worth it, in the long run.

Show them in pictures what the product does, because some customers hate reading.

Do your best to invoke emotions with your product images. Make it visually appealing. Show them it will be the best you will ever see! 

Include pictures of the product in real life, so they can compare it to another product. 

Show them the actual color, the size, and everything they have to know. 

Pictures of people successfully using the product are great too!


Price & Availability

Amazon’s first priority is to sell things.

And, for better or worse low priced items tend to sell great. But the price is relative, you can’t sell a $500 bed for $37, but if you can be the lowest price for that particular item it could help. 

The availability of your product is also a key to success. If you are constantly running out of inventory Amazon won’t deal with you for long, because it’s their reputation on the line, maybe even more than yours.


Responsive Communications

When your customers contact you through the buyer-seller messaging service or by leaving reviews, you will want to respond to them as soon as possible. You’ll want to do this because it helps to build the relationship with the buyer, which can lead to further business. 


Sales Velocity

When all the above come together your sales should begin to rapidly increase. Amazon refers to this as your sales velocity. The higher your sales velocity the more Amazon will push your products towards the top of the organic search results. One thing that could help increase the sales velocity is using paid ads. The paid ads will not be directly responsible for increased organic positioning but, Amazon rewards higher sellers with better positions. So, this is a strategy you may want to consider. 

Armed with this information on product listing optimization you can set up an even stronger foundation for your Amazon business than before. 

By the way …

When you combine these tips with proven seller tools, like the ones we have, you can save a bunch of money by not buying so much headache medication anymore, because your seller frustration will be a thing of the past.