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ManageByStats This Week - Issue 2015


Hello & WelcomeWelcome to a new week. With the world on temporary pause, the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that find creative ways to rise to the challenge.This week’s issue is dedicated to that can-do attitude, so common to entrepreneurs all over the world.Continue to thrive, and make it a productive one. 


For our tips section this week we’re bringing you a little insight into something you can do during the downturn. Following are a few specific product categories that have been supercharged by this pandemic.Note, while this list is focused specifically on the pandemic, the concept of looking for hot new areas to move into applies during any downturn or tough period.Here’s what’s been identified for the current scene:
  • Home office 
  • Home fitness or home gym equipment 
  • Immune system support 
  • Anti-microbial 
  • Air purification 
  • Virtual reality 
  • Family connection (board games, etc)
  • Medical patriotism (build into your business...We donate a percentage of sales to nurses and personnel who were affected by the virus.)
  • Made in America (or your home country that you’re selling in. “Made in the UK” or “Made in Germany”, etc)
  • Contactless (variations to products that make it so they don’t need to be touched ... voice activated as an example)
  • Home cooking 
  • Fishing, hiking and camping
  • Lawn and garden
  • Online and at-home education 
Those are all areas experiencing increased demand in the current environment.It takes resources to move into a new category, of course, but now is a good time to take a look at viable areas into which you can expand. When in the midst of an impact to your existing operation, it’s always a valuable exercise to look for new ways to grow.We’ll be bringing more tips like this in future issues. 


In the spirit of continuing to look for ways to make positives out of a negative, this week we offer a great article from marketing guru Neil Patel, with his take on things to do during this enforced downturn.Since the pandemic began a lot has changed, and there are new opportunities that have come around when it comes to your online business and marketing activities …How To Adapt Your Marketing 


Bookmark This PageDuring the current situation this is the Amazon Seller Central page you’ll want to monitor regularly for the latest updates to shipping:Amazon’s Product Prioritization Adjustments In A PandemicDemand for essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitizers, paper towels, n95 face masks, and thermometers hasn’t decreased since the end of February. However, those searches no longer have any results with Prime shipping or even any items in stock. Despite that, consumers continue to look for those products, showing a wide gap between supply and demand …Coronavirus Dominates Amazon SearchIn response to the current climate of adjustments, we’re shooting a video series that can help. The series is focused on steps you can take during any downturn, or “force majeure” (a superior force; something over which you have no control), with specific emphasis on the current scene.Check out our MBS Video Channel and subscribe to be notified, or bookmark and check regularly for these upcoming releases …The ManageByStats Video Channel 


A duck walks into a shop.“Got any bread?”“No.”“Got any bread?”“No.”“Got any bread?”“No.”“Got any bread?”“No, and if you ask me again I’ll nail your beak to the floor.”“Got any nails?”“No.”“Got any bread?” 


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