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ManageByStats This Week - Issue 2018


Hello & WelcomeThe big news this week is the automation, through SellerMail, of Amazon’s Review Request feature. Learn more about it in Tips & New Stuff.Google Shopping has changed again, this time in favor of merchants. Check it out in Seller Insight. And Amazon is testing a new form of seller vetting that could help both sellers and buyers alike. Read more on that in The World of Amazon.Have a great week! 


It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Imagine us shouting from the hills.What are we shouting about? The fact that the Amazon Review Request feature is now available for SellerMail.Quick technical background: The development of this new feature involved adding Amazon's new API (Application Programming Interface), which is the connection we use to connect with Amazon and your Seller Central account.The new API is called Marketplace API, or MAPI.For the moment we'll be using both APIs, the old and the new, since the new one has some great new features but does not yet have all of the old. Therefore you'll add the new API while continuing with the existing.Totally seamless, but just letting you know we'll be operating in this "hybrid" mode for now for the best of both worlds.So you know, we’re automating the addition of the new MAPI, but if it hasn’t happened yet for your account you can do it manually.Check in your MBS, under Settings > Seller Accounts, and if the connection still needs to be made you’ll see this:Click to Connect and follow the steps. Authorization is fast and easy.Note: With the additional development, and the new features that will come with the new Amazon API, we're requiring our standard price MBS in order to activate. That's the $59.97/mo base plan. If you’re not already on that plan, you should have the option to upgrade under Settings > Payments. If not contact Support.Once the new MAPI is authorized (either automatically or manually), you’ll have the option in SellerMail to create Review Request emails.In your SellerMail > Email Rules, when you create a new email rule (Add Rule), you’ll now see a “Type” option:Select Review Request and proceed with the specification of any additional criteria for your rule.For more on using this new feature see the MBS Knowledge Base.Automating Amazon Review Request In SellerMail 


Google Shopping now lets any retailer or brand to list their products for free. Before, merchants paid Google every time someone clicked through to their website from a Google Shopping product listing.Google’s latest attempt in e-commerce is aggregating shopping websites, a strategy it first tried a decade ago ...Google Shopping Is Again An E-Commerce Aggregator 


Amazon has been quietly piloting an “enhanced vetting” process for prospective third-party sellers on, supplementing the normal online submission process with video calls to verify the identities of applicants in an effort to cut down on potential fraud.The company disclosed details of the “live verification” pilot program Sunday evening. It has been underway since early this year, initially involving in-person verification but later shifting to video calls ...Amazon Tests Using Live Video Calls To Vet Aspiring Third-Party Sellers 


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