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MBS This Week - Issue 2028


This Week’s Lineup
  • Advertising Cost of Total Sales
  • Awesome SEO Resources
  • Amazon’s Biggest Sales Driver
  • Humor & Quote
Hello & WelcomeWelcome to a new week of incredible opportunity in the world of Amazon.In this week’s issue we’ve got a whole slate of great SEO resources for you, under Seller Insight, plus a tip on a metric you may not be aware of in your MBS Statistics. Check that out under Tips & New Stuff.Have a productive week! 


There’s a super useful metric in your Statistics; Ads Cost of Total Sales:ACOTS for short, this is your advertising spend divided by your total sales (sales from ads and organic sales).Yet one more metric MBS provides to help you gauge the health of your Amazon business.As a rule, in most cases, an ACOTS of 7% or lower would be considered excellent.Up to 10% is okay if you’re going for growth, and 15% would likely be the highest you'd want this to be for any extended period -- unless your strategy consists of spending more of your profits on ranking efforts.Find it in you MBS under:Profits > StatisticsUse the column selector (top right) to show the ACOTS column: 


From SEO master, Neil Patel. In this great article he makes life easier by sharing 21 of his own SEO and content marketing worksheets and templates to help you get higher rankings in less time and, best of all, with less effort ...SEO Pack: 21 Worksheets, Templates, and Cheat Sheets 


Building on last week’s issue, more info this week on the biggest source of Amazon’s sales.The majority of sales volume on the Amazon marketplace comes from sellers that have been on it for years. That signals the controlled churn and high longevity of those businesses. At the same time, new sellers bring incremental growth ...Longtime Amazon Sellers Drive Most Sales 


A fellow walked into a bank in New York City asking for a loan for $4000 dollars.“Before we lend you the money we’re going to need some kind of security,” the bank teller said.“No problem,” the man responded. “Here are the keys to my car. You’ll see it, it’s a black Porsche parked in the back of the parking lot.”A few weeks later the man returned to pay off his loan. While he was paying it up, along with the interest of $11, the manager came over, “Sir, we’re very happy to have your business, but if you don’t mind me asking, after you left we looked into you and found out that you’re a millionaire. Why would you need to borrow $4000 dollars?”“Well,” the fellow responded, “it’s quite simple. Where else can I park my car for three weeks in New York for eleven dollars?” 


“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”- Dalai Lama To your success,Your ManageByStats Team Read Our Newsletters Online! Share Your Thoughts About ManageByStatsWe’ve made it easy to leave a review: Tell Us What You Think About MBSThanks for taking a few moments to give us your feedback! And don't forget to share ManageByStats with your friends. Our affiliate program pays you an ongoing 25% referral commission.See the Affiliate menu under Settings in your ManageByStats.