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New Amazon Policy Requires Business Name And Address Be Displayed

Big changes are coming to your Amazon Seller page.Namely, buyers are going to be able to see your business name and address. At the moment you have the option of showing your personal info or not, but as of September 1st, 2020 you will no longer have that choice. Amazon made an announcement in early July that it will begin applying this policy to all U.S. based sellers. The same type of policy already exists in Europe, Japan, and Mexico. And here’s a truth bomb you may not be familiar with. If you’re a U.S. based seller that chooses not to display your name and address on your store page, it is visible when accessed from one of the countries which has this policy in effect. If you’d like to test your own site just open your store as you normally would, now type .mx after the .com and voilàWhile some might see this as an invasion of privacy others are excited by the prospect that the change will help to clean up any fraud or counterfeit product hucksters.Here’s what ManageByStats CEO Philip Jepsen has to say about it:“In essence, we see this as a hugely positive move by Amazon, and one that is long overdue."Amazon is likely doing this for several reasons - transparency to customers, placing product liability issues where they belong, making sellers accountable, reducing fraud in the marketplace, restoring faith in the review system (which is crucial for sales on Amazon). "For sellers that are into black hat or grey hat stuff, this is definitely not going to be a welcome move.  But for white-hat sellers, this is just one more thing that shows the marketplace is maturing, and allowing white-hat sellers to succeed without having to unfairly compete against black-hat sellers and frauds."Europe some time back required new seller accounts to provide passport numbers and images, so they are very thorough in verifying sellers there - and it can only benefit white-hat sellers that Amazon tightens up here as well."As a note on being white-hat versus black-hat - it is certainly true that many sellers have made a lot of money using black-hat techniques and strategies, but it is also true that they eventually get kicked off the platform.  In the past, they have been able to simply get back on fast, and this is part of what Amazon is handling with tightened measures and accountability."But it is also true that building a long-term viable business on Amazon requires all the hallmarks of a real business - honesty, accountability, responsibility for the product, great customer service, and an excellent product."Amazon tends to be vigilant in putting the customer first.  And in the end that benefits sellers hugely, and they should support that trend.”We’re looking forward to the changes and the cleaning up of the platform which will help give the concept of the professional Amazon seller more validity and prestige. It also means that as Amazon sellers we need to be at the top of our game when it comes to finding the best products, creating the greatest listing, having incomparable customer service, and a high-level understanding of what’s going on inside our Amazon business at all times. That’s exactly why we created the ManageByStats suite of professional Amazon seller tools and we continue to create and innovate with the evolution of the Amazon selling platform.If you’re not already employing our peace of mind making tools, take the full suite for a complimentary test-drive for 14 days. Absolutely no charge and no credit card required. Click here to get started.