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This Week’s Lineup

  • Request A Review
  • Consumer Trends
  • Amazon Accelerate
  • MBS In The News
  • Humor & Quote

Hello & Welcome

The last months have been a challenge for everyone, to say the least, and we’re starting to see some trends in consumer habits that may affect marketing for some time to come. There’s a silver lining, and we look at some of that data in Seller Insight.

Amazon is hosting its own event dedicated to helping sellers succeed, coming up the first of September. It’s called Amazon Accelerate, and you can learn more about it in The World of Amazon.

Have a great week!



Request A Review

Amazon’s Review Request feature is an easy, effective way to solicit — and get — customer product reviews. We’ve heard from sellers seeing up to three times greater customer response rate using this feature, as opposed to sending an email themselves asking for a review.

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise Amazon’s own system gets better traction.

By default the Review Request must be triggered manually in Amazon within each order. An incredibly time consuming prospect, no matter how effective the result.

Well, in case you missed it we’ve automated that process. It’s in your SellerMail, and you can set it up using the same criteria you use to create any other SellerMail rule.

Many of you are already using this valuable feature, but for those who aren’t, or those who didn’t yet realize it was available, here’s your reminder.

Review Request is available in MBS SellerMail.

Learn More About The Amazon Review Request Feature



Data On Consumer Trends

Somehow, we’ve reached July and the world continues to feel upside down.

For many marketers who thought they just had to tough out a few months of Covid-19-induced hysteria, the ‘return to normal’ now appears distant on the horizon. Covid-19 has upended consumers’ approaches to shopping and spending …

Covid-19 Is Reshaping The Marketing Funnel And Some Trends Are Here To Stay



Amazon Accelerate

Interesting development; Amazon is introducing a U.S. event dedicated to seller success. Called Amazon Accelerate, this free, three-day virtual event will deliver insights, strategies, and techniques for how your small business can thrive on Amazon.

They’re inviting users to join Amazon experts, current sellers, and independent online selling experts who will share their insights and ideas for how to prepare for success through the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Find Out More About Amazon Accelerate


MBS In The News

This week …

ManageByStats Releases New Video Covering Entire Suite Of Tools



A few tasty dad jokes this week …

Think about it.

If you buy a bigger bed, you have more bed room but less bedroom.


How much does a chimney cost?

Nothing — it’s on the house.


Her: Why do we need walkie-talkies? Our relationship is over.

Me: Our relationship is what? Over.


I went to the bookstore and asked if they had anything on turtles.


“Yes, with little legs.”


I wanted to name my son Lance, but my wife said it was too uncommon.

I told her that in medieval days people were named Lance a lot.


This will be the first year our family won’t be going to Hawaii because of the pandemic.

Usually it’s because we can’t afford it.



“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

 – Aristotle


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team


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