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SellerMail feedback email serviceIf you’re selling on Amazon you know the importance of maintaining good, relevant communication with your customers.  You also know the value of a good, automated email notification system like SellerMail.  Good automation gives the illusion of personal contact.  When done well it can create a real connection between you, your brand and your customers.  The drawback is that it’s hard to make an automated email sequence dovetail smoothly with direct, personal communication.  Fumbles happen.  A message is queued and scheduled to be sent, the customer replies to a prior email, changing the dynamics of the scheduled communication but, with no knowledge of the change, the automated system follows through dutifully with the next email in sequence and … the customer suddenly feels a little less connected.Call it piercing the veil.  Surely customers suspect these emails are automated, but when written well the messages don’t have to feel that way.  When the customer responds the system should be able to know they’ve responded and suspend any further “automated” emails, leaving you, the seller, to pick up the reins and respond to the customer directly.  Doing so keeps the illusion alive.SellerMail now offers an option to do this.The LatestIn SellerMail we offer these unsubscribe email addresses: 
 These can be used in the bcc field in an email reply to a customer.   Doing so will trigger the appropriate Unsubscribe.​The first address,, adds the customer to the unsubscribe list, and no further SellerMail emails will be sent (on either the current or on subsequent orders).  This is a more terminal option, and is used typically when a customer responds in such a way that you want to make sure they get no more communications from the automated systems in ManagebyStats.The second address is new.  The email address will cancel any remaining scheduled SellerMail emails only for that particular order.  This is useful for the above mentioned circumstance, when you want to stop automated emails for a particular order, but you don’t want to unsubscribe the customer from all future emails.  Sending a reply to accomplishes this.And we’ve made it better.A Great New SolutionRather than needing to watch for customer replies and respond quickly to remove them from future, scheduled emails, we’ve automated the process.All you need to do is set up email forwarding, and a rule to send customer replies to  Incoming emails from your customers are then forwarded to the address, and all replying customers are automatically processed.For example, let's say you have a customer service email address of   You send your SellerMail emails using this email address and your customers reply to this email address.   If you go to your email service provider and set up a rule that all emails coming in to have a copy of the email forwarded to, then, when a customer sends in a reply, this rule will send a reply to the unsuborder address and automatically cancel all remaining SellerMail messages relating to that particular order.You can then go in and reply to the customer when able, but you don’t have to worry about them getting more automated messages.In other words ... if the customer sends a reply, the above rule will ensure SellerMail stops sending any more SellerMail messages on that order.Onward And UpwardAutomated systems help generate personal, personable connections with your customers, but they’re not infallible.  When a customer responds you need a way to stop the machine and insert a real person, as seamlessly as possible.  With this new option you can do that easily.As always, thanks for reading, and here’s to your continued success.All our best,The ManageByStats Team