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At ManageByStats we’ve been asked to provide a way to send, or not send, SellerMail emails if the product in question sold above, below or at a certain price.  This could be useful if trying to ensure an email is not sent when someone buys a product at a discount, for example, as in a promotion, or in any other case where it’s important that the email be send based on product cost.  To allow for that we’ve now built an option into each SellerMail message that allows you to set values for “Spent More Than” and “Spent Less Than”.

The fields are exactly as they sound, and you can use one or the other, or use both fields and bracket an exact price.  For example, say you wanted to send an email only if they bought an item at a certain price.  You could set the “Spent More Than” to $19.98 and the “Spent Less Than” to $20.00, and the email would then only send if the product cost was $19.99.  If you wanted to send only if they bought for a discounted price, you could set the “Spent Less Than” to something below that threshold.

You could also create multiple email options for one SKU.  For example, you could set unique cost criteria for each email, with the same SKU specified, and therefore have a specific message that sends if the buyer pays full cost, one that sends if they buy at Discount Value A, one at Inflated Price A, one at Discount Value B, etc.

Your options with this new feature are, truly, open to your creativity and needs.

Now you can send SellerMail emails based on price.  We hope this helps in your never ending quest for perfect customer communication and happy, meaningful customer relationships.