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If you have ManageByStats then you have SellerMail.

SellerMail is the automated email notification tool that’s built directly into ManageByStats.  If you’re not yet using this invaluable tool, check it out.  It’s in your ManageByStats right now, and there’s even a free version.

Just click on SellerMail in the top menu.

Customers are buying from you every day.  With every purchase is an opportunity to strengthen a relationship, to build your brand, to plant the seed for future purchases, and to get reviews.  SellerMail is made specifically to do all these things.

Emails can be set to go to customers based on several events:

  • Purchased
  • Shipped
  • Out for Delivery
  • Delivered
  • Refunded

The Refunded option is new, and allows you to create an email that will be sent if a customer refunds.

With SellerMail ManageByStats takes on the role of your automated, virtual presence.  Send unique emails to your customers, composed of your words and filled in with the customer’s details, delivering to them a personalized message as if you’d sent it yourself.  This is a fantastic way to maintain the connection and stay in front of your audience.  When they respond it comes back to you, and you can then pick up the communication and seamlessly take the next steps.

See?  Invaluable.

If you’re already using SellerMail — great, you’re on the curve and riding the wave.  Look for even more enhancements to the tool as we charge into 2017.

As always thanks for reading!  We wish you a very prosperous and a very successful New Year.