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It’s big announcement day here at ManageByStats.  We’ve got several big tools coming, as you’ve heard us talking about over the last few weeks, and today one of those biggies is up to bat.


This is the Amazon Keyword Ranking tool, and it’s now available.  You can find it in your ManageByStats account under the menu item “Keywords”.  Be sure to click the big red Help button.  That will give you the installation steps as well as a How-To for using the tool.  It’s pretty easy to use, actually, and in fact for something so easy the volume of insight you get is quite incredible.  See how your product (any product) stacks up.  Gain awareness of just where you should be investing your marketing time and energy, see where you’re winning, where you need to catch up — AMZKeywordRank removes the mystery.  No more guessing.  Put your focus where it’s needed and get results.

This new tool browses through Amazon and checks the ranking of your product for keywords you specify.  You check your product keywords (you can check other people’s ASINs as well), and each product is then displayed in ManageByStats under the Keywords tab, giving you metrics for each keyword, including performance over time.  Cool thing is, with this same tool you can check results and refine your efforts even further.  Customers find you by searching.  Rise to the top of the keyword ranks for your products and get in front of them.

AMZKeywordRank is here.

Thanks again for reading.  This new tool should bring more targeting and direction to your marketing, and help boom your Amazon business.

More big announcements coming soon!