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The entire MBS Team and I would like to extend to you our wishes for an awesome and prosperous new year!

With each annual rollover of the calendar – this year to 2022 – we look ahead to the expansion of current goals as well as the addition of new.

It’s a time of hope, and for some a clean slate.  Whatever your goals, I wish you success in achieving them, and a lot of fun and joy along the way.  

In truth we can set out on a new adventure anytime we like, but there’s something about the collective shift to a brand new year that brings out a fresh round of enthusiasm in most of us.

Call it cliché, but the New Year is a time to dream and plan big.

At ManageByStats we’re embracing that, with plans that will help you build and expand your business, no matter whether you are just starting out or already managing a successful business empire.

Early 2022 will mark the culmination of several major projects we’ve been working on through the latter half of last year, including:

  • A full redesign of our site, to reflect our new look and showcase our upcoming new features and services
  • A brand new look and feel for our MBS tool suite, with additional features and functionality
  • The release of our Supply Chain tool, an affordable solution for your complete inventory and supply chain needs (on and off Amazon)
  • The introduction of what will be the most comprehensive notifications system available for Amazon sellers
  • A re-energized update to our Affiliates program, with all new awards and resources
  • More university courses to help you on your Amazon journey. (We’re hooked on training.)

And quite a few other things in the works.

As well, expect to see us at many more shows and events – plus throwing a few of our own. Last year had its difficult moments, but we still managed to make it to half-a-dozen live events, which gave us a chance to meet and speak with many of you. Few things excite us more.

2022 promises to be even better.

Our team thrives on coming up with ways to help people improve their game on Amazon. For those of you who are our customers we’re confident you get a sense of that passion. We’re a happy bunch, dedicated, and in fact after more than 7 years in business, adding new faces as we’ve grown, only one of us has left for greener pastures. Otherwise we’re an original crew (albeit larger), eagerly spending each day planning solutions to help you, the Amazon seller.

We love what we do.

Moreover we sincerely hope (and believe) you, too, love what you do. After all, being an entrepreneur isn’t for the faint of heart, and if you’re here, building and running your own Amazon business, it only makes sense that you might at least enjoy it. Tough though it may be at times.

Let me then take this opportunity, here at the rise of a fresh horizon, to again wish you – and all your enterprises – a very prosperous New Year.

Let’s get it off to a fast start.


To your success,

Philip Jepsen
Founder & CEO