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Amazon Categories: The Best Amazon Sellers

For Amazon sellers, choosing to list in the top Amazon categories gives them a leg up on sales. Certainly sellers can (and do) sell in all categories, but if your business model – and brand image – permits it, choosing products in these best sellers increases your chances of success.In this brief article we cover:
  • Finding Your Best Amazon Sellers
  • A Scientific Approach
  • The Top Eight
  • Amazon’s Selling Sandbox

Finding Your Best Amazon Sellers

What are the best Amazon sellers?Finding the best products to sell is the quest of every Amazon seller. Whether you’re cultivating a brand image, and thus looking for products to fit that brand, or simply selling products that sell the best, research and discovery is where it begins.Tools help reduce the tremendous amount of time it takes to do this research, tools such as ManageByStats’ Product Retriever, but whether you do your research manually or with software help, you’re framing your results based on select criteria.In other words, in all cases you're comparing products and looking at things like:
  • Price
  • BSR (Best Seller Rank)
  • Monthly & Daily Sales
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Reviews
  • Overall Rating
And, of course, the category.Knowing which categories are the most lucrative lets you narrow your search.

A Scientific Approach

Numbers, as they say, don’t lie.Tools like MBS Product Retriever present those critical data points so you can sort and compare in order to select the right, best, next hot selling product. Taking a scientific approach to this makes all the difference in your results.And the science of that approach begins with knowing the top categories on Amazon.

The Top Eight

After gift cards, which are the most popular category, the Top 8 main categories of products users are after (translation: the Top 8 categories you, as an Amazon seller, want to consider) are:
  1. Electronics
  2. Video Games
  3. Books
  4. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  5. Beauty & Personal Care
  6. Home & Kitchen
  7. Pet Supplies
  8. Sports & Outdoors


Ever-popular, electronics is also a dynamic category that’s constantly expanding, both with brand-new products and updated versions of existing gear. If this is up your alley, electronics is one of the hottest categories on Amazon.

Video Games

The demand for games and gaming gear continues to boom, and shows no sign of slowing down. Video games will increasingly become the entertainment source more people are looking to, and where more existing gamers are spending their time.


This category isn’t up everyone’s alley, but we include it since, well, it’s extremely popular and shoppers buy a ton of books on Amazon. If you’re up for it, this category could be a great place to make sales.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

This is a tougher one, but highly rewarding for anyone brave enough to jump in. Competition is tough with a fully-stocked field of existing and well-known, branded products, but if you come up with something unique there are millions of buyers waiting to beat down your door.

Beauty & Personal Care

This category blurs the line between must-have and desire; a fantastic combination when it comes to driving demand. Everyone is conscious about looking and feeling good, and whether they want to do it as cheaply or as extravagantly as possible, they're all doing it. Plus it's a multi-billion dollar industry. Not only that, buyers are looking for new and exciting products – especially those that are natural, organic, chemical-free, etc. Lots of room to play here.

Home & Kitchen

This includes silverware, cutlery, kitchen appliances and gadgets, bedding, furniture, cleaning supplies – basically, all things for the home. Decor and seasonal decor products are included in this, along with storage and organization units – all of which command very high BSR.

Pet Supplies

Diverse, growing, filled with so many things for the animals we love, Pet Supplies wins on so many levels.

Sports & Outdoors

This includes fitness and all kinds of gear, much of it accessories in nature. Keywords are key in this category, along with good, descriptive images that showcase the products and their use.And those are the Great Eight categories on Amazon.

Amazon’s Selling Sandbox

Amazon is the largest, most accessible sandbox on the planet.Millions of sellers, of all size, are on the platform across its global marketplaces, selling billions. In this environment finding the best Amazon sellers is a trick in itself, but with the right tools, the right approach, and the right knowledge you can (and likely will) carve out your own winning slice of the sandbox.To your selling success.