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5 Relaunch Strategies For Your Amazon Brand

Doing a relaunch to freshen up your product or brand is often a great idea -- especially during the fourth quarter, Q4, or the prime holiday shopping season.Today I’d like to give you an overview of five smart strategies that can help you boost the performance of a launch at any stage.

1. Facebook With ManyChat

We’re alternating the term relaunch with launch, with emphasis on “relaunch”.  These tips are meant for an Amazon seller with an existing product who wants to give that product a fresh launch to kick things into overdrive.  The same steps work with the launch of a brand new product as well.Note also, this article ties in with a training video I did -- which I’ll link at the end -- so you can watch at your leisure for even more tips and ideas.Now on with the summary!This first strategy, Facebook with ManyChat, makes use of two great platforms to flow users into your launch.  ManyChat is a great tool to use as a funnel for prospective buyers, leading them to your product to make a purchase while following the steps you stipulate.Side note, there are tools that directly support ManyChat, like Chat Agency and EasyBot, which give you great template options you can use when building your ManyChat flow.Here’s the way it works:
  1. Using those templates or building your own, create a ManyChat flow that walks people through your launch or relaunch steps.
  2. Have that ManyChat flow direct people to buy your product on Amazon.
  3. Create a FB ad that directs people to that ManyChat flow.
  4. Track your Launch or relaunch efforts so you know if you're being aggressive enough and getting the right results.
When creating your Facebook audience for the ad, find people that are interested in that product or category of products.  Getting the right list is important.  Narrow it down, but not so much that you overly restrict your target audience.Think of it as the Goldilocks audience.  Just right.Achieving that will take a bit of thought.  Narrowing by region is one way to zero in on the best candidates.  Tools like ManageByStats’ Geo Analyze can help you find the states where a particular product sells best, for example.Your ManyChat flow should send them to your product on Amazon.  Whatever the sequence leading to that, whether a rebate offer, a social media discount, some sort of guided search-find-buy with keywords, etc., make sure they're going to your Amazon product.Once your ad is running you’ll want to track the effectiveness of the launch.  Tracking things like Product Revenue, Units Ordered, Sale Price, Reviews, Average Star Rating, Sessions, Ad Spend, Ad Cost Per Unit and much more will give you the insight you need to gauge the effectiveness of your launch -- and point out the areas you need to tweak to drive those values higher.MBS has a tool called Launch Tracker, designed specifically for this task, but this info can also be gathered manually and tracked.

2. Facebook Custom & Lookalike Audience

Amazon loves external traffic.That’s the common thread in each of these strategies.  Each method is bringing people in and guiding them to Amazon through an external source.  With the FB Custom & Lookalike Audiences you’re tailoring an audience to meet the best possible specifications of a person likely to be interested in (and buy) your product.
  1. From your customer list, create a FB Custom Audience.
  2. From this you can create a Lookalike Audience so you’re getting new customers that have similar interests to your existing customers.
  3. Have your FB Ad target one of these audiences, and send them to your ManyChat flow.
  4. Track your Launch or Relaunch efforts so you know if you’re being aggressive enough and getting the right results.
Getting your customer info can be an interesting challenge, but not an insurmountable one.  Services like Bullfrog Data can help.  Strategies that you yourself employ, like simply offering value through an insert or some other means, engaging customers with helpful info so that they want to respond, collecting it directly on your site, through customer interactions or some other means, can also build your customer goldmine.However you come by it, building those audiences then becomes that much more effective.

3. Google With ManyChat

Similar to with Facebook, you can feed users to ManyChat using a Google ad.  There are more setup steps for creating a Google ad, yet this is another great external source from which to feed traffic to your Amazon listing.As on Facebook, with Google you can create ads for people who are interested in the category of your product.You then have this ad direct people to your ManyChat flow, which in turn leads them to Amazon following the steps you specify.We did a series on Customer Engagement, which starts by covering how to target ads on Google and Facebook:CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT 101: I HAVE MY CUSTOMER INFO, NOW WHAT?That will help when it comes to getting started on these platforms.

4. Custom Email Sequence

Of course direct email campaigns are one of the most time-tested ways to reach your audience.  These are not artificially built audiences you create on Google or Facebook by choosing criteria, these are your customers, and as such (likely) more receptive to what you have to say.Unlike ads, emails give you a chance to say more, and to set up any call to action you may have.As another side note, emails are also a great way to build customer loyalty and an engaged community.  Use value-add content to really get them wanting more.For our purposes here, launching a product, emails are the perfect way to lead your customers to water.Email is a powerful tool with powerful results.

5. Email With ManyChat

The ultimate evolution of the power of direct emails with the power of a guided funnel:Using emails to get your customers into a ManyChat flow.This method lets you schedule a long-tail campaign, sprinkling in new customers that will make new purchases following your guidelines over time.
  1. A simple hybrid strategy built into your email sequence.
  2. In your sequence, add offers for discounts or new products which lead to your ManyChat flow.
  3. This creates a constant flow of customers going through your launch or re-launch efforts, without having to pay for FB or Google Ads.
Yet one more way to boost the effectiveness of your launch.

Knowing Is Half The Battle

If not more than half.  And that’s what we’ve been doing with this training lineup.  The idea is to deliver you the best, most helpful insight and info so you can run your Amazon business better.Here again is that link to the video where I dive into launch strategies:To your success, Marc JepsenCOO ManageByStats