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Today we wanted to share with you 8 do’s and don’ts of Amazon selling. This is in no way shape or form a complete list of tips for selling on Amazon, but 8 things to keep in mind whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or you’re just looking to launch a new product.

The Do’s

Do improve product descriptions – When people search for products on Amazon there are 2 basic ways they do this. They type in the most detailed description they can possibly come up with or something ridiculously general like ‘ties’. So, sharpen up your psychic abilities and start reading the minds of your potential customers and consider these searchable parts of your listing: product title, description, product identifiers, size, color and shipping options.

Do use high-quality images – People like to see clear high-resolution images of the products they want, so if you’re using pics from your old Razr flip phone it’s time to upgrade. If appropriate, consider using images of people successfully using your product. This can help potential buyers envision themselves successfully using your product too.

Do price research – If you’re selling a unique or proprietary item then price your product however you’d like. If you’re selling items with multiple competitors then you’ll want to spend time understanding the pricing of your competition, because many, if not most, Amazon shoppers are looking for a good deal. This means having a low price can be very important. If you need help you can use Amazon’s match low price settings.

Do put customer service first – If you would like to turn first time buyers into return or maybe even lifetime buyers then you’ll want to nurture them and be hyper-responsive to comments and needs. The more your buyers can feel like there’s a real person on the other side of their Amazon purchase the better. Because yes people want deals but many of them like buying from real people.

Okay, let’s switch gears.

The Don’t’s

Don’t forget to track all sales – As with any business you need to know your numbers. Tracking your sales well help you quickly solve customer service issues, it helps you differentiate high-volume selling items from your lower selling items. This means you’ll be able to better optimize your Amazon store.

Don’t rely on Amazon to track your inventory – Depending on which resource you check, Amazon sells between 12 million products to north of 353 million if you include books, media, etc. So, do you think Amazon is going to take time to track your stuff? This is your business and Amazon is just here as a way for you to sell and distribute your products, meaning it’s up to you to keep Amazon up to date on your stock. 

Don’t break the rules – If you’re looking to get your account suspended or go out of business then you can overlook this one. Although if you’re reading this you’re certainly interested in keeping your business alive and even growing. So, familiarize yourself with Amazon’s seller guidelines and stay within them. 

Don’t overlook the size – The size of the product or its packing needs to be considered when you’re making choices of what to sell. This is because larger packaging requires higher cost shipping fees which could eat into your R.O.I.

Help Is Here

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