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ManageByStats is now including Ad Costs and Sales Tax collected by Amazon on the Stats page. These are two of the latest updates to the system that users have requested and that have been implemented, and we have a list of other updates and improvements that will be going in over the coming months. We’ll be talking about those in future blogs.

For today let’s focus on these two relatively new columns on the Stats page of ManageByStats, Ad Costs and Sales Tax. Ad Costs, sometimes referred to as PPC (Pay Per Click), is the combination of:

Ad Clicks x CPC (Cost Per Click)

We get that info directly from Amazon and apply it on the Stats page to be calculated with all other fees and payments. You can now see how the cost of your Ads factors into your sales and profit. We’ve also given you the ability to Hide the Ad Costs info, if you want to see your other sales info without the Ads accounted for. The Ad Costs column also brings with it a whole series of graphs, which we talked about in a previous email. Under Graphs in ManageByStats you’ll now see a Marketing Performance section that has many graphs related to Ads.

Sales Tax breaks out the tax for you to see, where before it was included as part of the other fees on the Stats page. Doing this makes it easier to see the tax collected by Amazon, and you can of course sort and see it by specific product as well. As with Ad Costs, you can also choose to hide the Sales Tax.

These new features have been rolled out within the last months and we’ve been busy talking about some of the other, bigger features and updates that have come along in that same period, so we thought it was worth taking a moment to bring these to your attention.

As always, thanks for listening. Here’s to your continued and great success in all your endeavors.