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At ManageByStats we’ve never really had it in mind to be a full CRM (Customer Resource Manager).  However, customers are one of the things we help you manage, and so it’s only natural that over time we would evolve more and more in that direction.  Slowly but surely we’re getting closer to that full-service Nirvana.

We’ve always offered access to various customer information.  For some time now we’ve also allowed you to enter notes.  Now we’ve brought the notes to the fore, and you can see them at a glance directly on the Customer List page.  Notes you add in the customer record will show in the Notes column, which not only lets you see them easily from the Customer List page, it also lets you search and sort them just as you do the other columns.  If you want to find customers with a specific keyword you’ve given them you can do so, kind of like a tag.  If you want to find customers where you’ve discussed a certain phrase, or a product — you can do so.

In short, this very simple addition is just one more step toward full, easy transparency into your customer data.

Once more we thank you greatly for taking a moment to read about the latest update.  More is coming in the next weeks and months as we roll out new features, and some of them will be quite big.  In fact in the next few weeks you’re really going to want to hear about what’s coming next.  It has to do with emailing your customers and you definitely won’t want to miss it.

Stay tuned.