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In fact you’re already a ManageByStats affiliate, you just may not realize it yet. If you’re using the program then you’ve been assigned a personal affiliate link, which allows you to get paid when someone you tell about the system signs up.It works like this.When you sign up for ManageByStats, you’re issued your own affiliate link, which is a sign-up link you can hand out to anyone. It’s assigned to you, and if anyone uses it to sign up you get a commission of 25% on whatever they pay. They essentially become your selectee for the life of their involvement with ManageByStats, which is a win-win for everyone. They get turned on to a great, beneficial program, and you get rewarded for spreading the word.In your ManageByStats program you'll see your Affiliate info under Settings.Selling on Amazon is no longer such a unique thing. It does, however, remain unique in one area: Word of mouth among Amazon Sellers is second to none. This is a tightly networked community. We’re always in contact, looking to learn the latest, best techniques, talking to each other, going to seller conventions and all else. Word of mouth in the world of Amazon is king. At ManageByStats we’ve taken the extra step of making that thing we do so naturally rewarding. And the person you sign up? They become an affiliate too, and can make their own recommendations and earn commissions.Selling on Amazon is a great game, and with ManageByStats we've made it even easier to win.As always, thanks for listening. Here’s to your continued success