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This holiday season why not gift yourself? And not just the usual new car, trip to Europe, a castle in Scotland — you know, the silly little things you get when you want to treat yourself — but a gift you can actually use.

We’re talking Amazon tools.

There are quite a few out there, and ManageByStats makes more than anyone. Two in particular are already available to you if you have MBS. One you simply have to get. The other you already have.

Both are free, and you may not be aware of either.

Sounds like pretty easy gifts to get, right? But if they’re so easy, you may be asking yourself, are they any good?

To that we say, Are they ever.

The Amazon Tools You Need This Season

This is a seasonal blog, yes, something specific to this time of year, but the truth is what we’re talking about here applies year round. The “gifts” we’re describing are what you might call perennial, meaning they’re good any time and go on, seemingly, forever.

Enough with the suspense. The Amazon tools we’re talking about are:

  • The MBS Chrome Extension, and,
  • The Catapult tool suite.

Heard of them?

If you’re a ManageByStats user you’ve already “won” them, in a sense, in that you just have to claim your prize.

Imagine the game show audience cheering as you take the stage …

Door Number One

Show ‘em what’s behind Door Number One, Johnny!

Tis the season, and does ManageByStats have a treat for you. It’s the MBS Chrome Extension, and if you don’t have it yet, you gotta get it. It’s free, it’s super simple, and it’s super helpful. That’s one “Free” and two “Supers”. A perfect gift to yourself this holiday season.

The MBS Chrome Extension is an Amazon tool designed specifically for ManageByStats users, it runs in the background, and it helps you do things you couldn’t without it.

Things like:

  • Update graph data
  • Update order & transaction data
  • Update reviews & feedback
  • Download missing products

It’s easily added as a Chrome extension, and helps with various functions in your MBS.

The Extension is a one-click install, and takes just seconds to get.

Treat Yourself To The MBS Chrome Extension

Door Number Two

This is a biggie, Bob! We’re featuring everything in this prize behind one door, but it’s actually six Amazon tools in one mega-prize.

(Audience erupts.)

That’s right. It’s the Catapult suite, and with it you get:

  • Keyword Tracker
  • Product Retriever
  • Finder
  • Keyword Scout
  • Distiller
  • Wordsmith

If you’re using ManageByStats it’s already available to you, so there’s nothing to get. You can start using it right away.

Here’s a great video that covers the tools in the suite:

Catapult is a set of Amazon tools that help catapult your rankings, conversions and sales. We call them “growth accelerators”, and they’re a family of software tools designed to do just that.

Here’s a small taste of what Catapult do. It can help you:

  • Discover winning keywords.
  • Track yours and your competitor’s keyword performance.
  • Optimize your product listings.
  • Find hot products to sell.

Check out the Catapult menu item in your MBS, and crack open this gift today!

The Great News

The great news is that all these Amazon tools are free, and all you need to do is get them (easy), or simply start using them. This is a case where you don’t have to pick the new car or the trip to Europe.

You can have both.

Thanks for bearing with us on this somewhat unusual blog. The Amazon tools we’re describing here are timeless and can be enjoyed year round. But as of this posting the holiday season is upon us, and we wanted to have a little fun with it, plus take the opportunity to wish you a joyous time with family and friends.


To your joy and success,


Your ManageByStats Team