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Last week …

MBS Chrome Extension Updated With More Features

Hello & Welcome

You’ve seen us mention the MBS Chrome Extension here and elsewhere. A news piece ran this week announcing more features (see MBS In The News, above).

Do you have the Extension yet?

If you haven’t grabbed yours, be sure to gift yourself this holiday season. See Tips & New Stuff for how to get it.

Also in Tips & New Stuff, we’ve got a new video for the Catapult tools. Seen it yet? The Catapult suite is our latest offering, a set of tools that helps you:

  • Discover winning keywords.
  • Track yours and your competitor’s keyword performance.
  • Optimize your product listings.
  • Find hot products to sell.

Catapult is in your MBS, ready to go. Catch the premiere of the latest video in Tips & New Stuff.

And while we’re asking questions, have you set aside any time for yourself recently? Time to energize your goals and dreams? In Seller Insight we have a suggestion for a great podcast which will help you do just that.

Finally, in The World of Amazon, you may have noticed a new tapestry to the shopping season this year. Check out how the sales season is being stretched and expanded.

Have a great week!



Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

Tis the season, and does ManageByStats have a treat for you. It’s the MBS Chrome Extension, and if you don’t have it yet, you gotta get it. It’s free, it’s super simple, and it’s super helpful. That’s one “Free” and two “Supers”. A perfect gift to yourself this holiday season.

Give Yourself The Extension As Your Holiday Gift

The Extension runs in the background, and helps you do things you couldn’t without it.


  • Update graph data
  • Update order & transaction data
  • Update reviews & feedback
  • Download missing products

If you haven’t already, we recommend you get it for your Chrome browser. It’s easily added as a Chrome extension, and helps with various functions in your MBS.

The Extension is a one-click install, and takes just seconds to get:

Treat Yourself To The MBS Chrome Extension

MBS Premieres New Catapult Video

The name says it all. Catapult is a set of tools that help catapult your rankings, conversions and sales. We call them “growth accelerators”, and they’re a family of software tools designed to do just that.

  • Keyword Tracker
  • Product Retriever
  • Finder
  • Keyword Scout
  • Distiller
  • Wordsmith

They’re in your MBS now. If you haven’t checked them out yet, grab an eggnog, find a comfy chair and have a look.

To kick things off, here’s the premiere of our new Catapult video:

Get To Know Catapult This Holiday Season



Our good friend Ben Cummings has been posting an inspiring and instructional series of podcasts on discovering your innate potential for success. Each podcast is 30 to 40 minutes on average, and the series is well worth your time and attention.

Set aside a little time to energize your goals and dreams …

The Ben Cummings “Blunt Force Success” Podcast Series



You may have noticed what seemed to be more deals in the retail-sphere this holiday season, with even more on the way. You wouldn’t be wrong in that observation.

Across all markets, including Amazon, the sales season has been purposely stretched in order to relieve pressure on the two, singular sale days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon, not unlike other retailers, is making the shopping event starting on Thanksgiving calmer. Deals are no longer constrained to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead, they are spread out over days leading up to it and continue once it is over …

The Shape Of Cyber Five 2019 On Amazon



A lady is in an accident and is in the hospital. While there she’s visited by God.

“Am I dying?” she asks.

“No,” He says. “You have 30 more years to live.”

Excited, when her recovery is done she decides to stay on and get a whole battery of plastic surgery. All the nips, all the tucks, all the plumps and everything else she can afford.

When she’s done she looks like a new woman.

As she’s leaving the hospital she’s hit by an ambulance and dies.

At the Pearly Gates she finds God and asks, “I thought you said I had 30 more years to live?”

He looks at her a moment, then recognition dawns. “Ah!” He exclaims. “I didn’t recognize you.”



“Failure is success in progress.”

 – Albert Einstein


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team


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