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Quite a few of our users have requested that we expand the functionality of our Cost of Goods section to include the ability to specify COGs for historical date ranges.  This is the latest addition to ManageByStats, and it will help Amazon sellers set finer, more granular pricing to be factored into their overall profit for specific date ranges.  Until now you were able to add the COGs for products and set a value for all historical transactions, but that value was for all dates extending into the past.  Now you can set historical costs for specific, prior date ranges.

In MBS you enter your costs under Settings | SKUs.  You may already be familiar with how to do this, and may already have entered costs for some or all of your products.  You now have the ability to further refine historical costs, if needed, by setting the COGs for specific dates in the past.  The cost will then be applied for transactions during that period.

This is another small expansion and refinement added to the system, and is part of our current lineup of updates.  You’ve probably noticed we’re posting more frequently, and most every post seems to have something to do with a new feature.  This isn’t your imagination.  What’s happened is that we’ve had a number of new things in development and many of them are completing testing and are therefore releasing very close together.  At ManageByStats we’re Amazon sellers too, and MBS is specifically software for Amazon sellers.  We use it too.  And so it’s a constantly evolving program, with items being added, and planned and added, with more things dreamed up to make it better, more tools — all of them with an eye toward making selling on Amazon that much easier.  If you’ve been with us for any length of time you know how the program has evolved.  What you’re witnessing now is simply a period of accelerated evolution.

But it’s all for the good.  Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need in one place to effectively run your Amazon business, and each week we get closer to that goal.  Thing is, we’ll never fully reach it because there will always be more to do, but with each new addition we get closer to ultimate Amazon seller nirvana.

Thanks again for reading.  More to come next week.

And as always, here’s to your success.