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We Now Have A Complete New User Guide For ManageByStats

By 16/09/2016June 23rd, 2022ManageByStats Training

Fanfare please.  At least a little.  A new User Guide has been released and it’s been a bit overdue.  Documentation and help in MBS until now has consisted of a combination of page-specific help files and videos, along with FAQs and certain other documents.  This is certainly good, and has mostly done the trick, but we realized it was time to put together a single doc that covers everything.

We’ll of course maintain the specific Help pages, along with addding more training videos as we go, but now there’s a single, master doc that contains everything you need to know to use MBS.  Kind of like in the Lord of the Rings; one ring to rule them all.  The new User Guide is just such a ring.  One doc, one place to turn which explains all the tools, every menu item, each setting and everything you there is to know about ManageByStats.  It’s all here, from SellerMail to inventory management, payment info to customer reports and everything in between.

We even threw in a few jokes.

User Guides are tough enough as it is, and this one goes into full detail for every feature, so to make it easier we sprinkled in some laughs.  Just to keep you smiling as you go.  Who said reading user guides had to be boring?

Don’t worry, none of these are going to make you fall out of your chair.  They might keep you reading, though, and in the end that’s the objective, to educate you, our users, so you can get the absolute most from the system.

So get on over to your MBS, click the Help button and take a look at the new Guide.  By the time you’re done you’ll be a ManageByStats expert.

Thanks again for reading.  More to come next week.

And as always, here’s to your success.