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Something we’ve been looking forward to in SellerMail is the ability to select whether or not an email is sent based on:

  • Order
  • Shipment
  • Item

Most email notification services pre-set a default “Send” option, and at ManageByStats when we created SellerMail we chose to send an email “Per Item” – which ensured no email would be missed, but which also meant, for orders with more than one item, the buyer would get an email for each item.

For a big order that could get overwhelming.

We now offer the three options listed above for setting automated SellerMail emails.  So, if you prefer, you can set a message to “Per Order”, and only one email will be sent for any one order.  Likewise you can choose “Per Shipment”, and the customer would get an email for each shipment sent by Amazon.  In the case of “Per Shipment” there would usually only be one Shipment per Order, and therefore one email, but sometimes Amazon might send multiple shipments from multiple locations for a big order, and so in those instances the customer would be emailed for each shipment.

And of course you can choose to have an email sent for each item, if desired.

It’s a small new addition, just a single pulldown in the Rules section of your SellerMail messages named “One Email Per”, but the difference it can make for your email notifications is huge.  Look for it in your SellerMail messages and see which option will work best for you.

One more refinement in our quest to deliver the best possible tools for the management of your Amazon business.  As you’ve no doubt experienced if you’ve been with us for any length of time, ManageByStats is a continuously improving venture.  By now we have ten times the tools and features as we did at our inception, and more are on the way.  Our goal is to become, as much as possible, a one-stop solution, and that means:

  • New tools
  • Refinement of those tools

We’re happy to report we’re working on the next great features, even as we’re adding to the current crop and fixing any issues that come up and making them work better.

We’re also kind of proud we managed two bullet lists in one blog….:)

Thanks again for all your positive support and feedback.  We truly are happy to have you with us.