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By 30/03/2017June 23rd, 2022Amazon Training

Note: The following applies mostly to users of ManageByStats’ SellerMail(TM) and SellerBlast(TM) tools.

Recently Amazon began allowing buyers to electively “… opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from sellers.”  Such opt-outs are not directed at any particular seller, and are not directed specifically at you.  What this new message means is that the buyer has told Amazon they do not want to receive any message from any seller, except under specific conditions that Amazon deems “critical”.

How do you handle these?



First off Amazon will simply block the messages to these buyers, so you’re not in any immediate danger of violating the buyer’s opt-out request.  Amazon will not let it through.  However, Amazon will, in each case, send you a notification email.  Depending on how many emails you’re sending this can be a pretty high volume.

To stop getting these notifications we’ve developed a simple way for you to easily opt these buyers out of your ManageByStats’ SellerMail(TM) account.

To do so, simply forward the email notification from Amazon to:

– and they will be marked as blocked and will not be sent any further messages from SellerMail.

Be sure the email address you’re forwarding these from is listed in the SellerMail | Settings profiles in your ManageByStats’ SellerMail(TM) account.  If not, simply add it there by clicking the ‘+’ button and adding your email address there.

And that’s it.



We’re told Amazon is building a function for developers that will allow us to take care of these opt-outs automatically.  In the meantime follow the above steps to opt these buyers out of your ManageByStats’ SellerMail(TM) account.



Amazon is allowing you to reach these opted out buyers under certain conditions Amazon deems “critical”.  Following are those conditions:

– Product customization questions

– Delivery scheduling

– Issues with a shipping address

You can read more from Amazon HERE.

The thing to be careful of here is that you not use this “critical” method of reaching buyers as a way to get around the opt-out.  Amazon will be watching for this and may impose penalties.  They say:

“Please don’t send messages to opted-out buyers for correspondence that isn’t critical to completing the order. Repeated violations of this policy may result in enforcement actions or loss of selling privileges.”



This is no cause for alarm.  It’s an unannounced and fairly dramatic change from Amazon, yes, but there is no immediate threat.  Amazon is simply notifying you of buyers that do not wish to receive any unsolicited messages.

To stop those notifications you simply need to stop sending emails to those buyers.  To do that you just need to follow the above steps.

Contact us directly with any questions.  And thanks again for being with us at ManageByStats.  We’re always working diligently to help you stay ahead of the curve.