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How FBA inventory management software can help the professional Amazon seller

“I hope I don’t run out of my product again.”Meet Doug. For the last 6 months, Doug has been working as a professional Amazon Seller and he's finding it a little bit more challenging than he thought it would be. You see he recently ran out of some of his products because he lost track of his inventory. He lost a bunch of potential sales.Now, every morning as he wakes up to the buzzing and ringing of his alarm clock, the first thought that rolls into his mind, even before he opens his eyes, is -- “I hope I don't run out of product again!”.Did I mention how the anxiety and stress over the lost sales have been keeping him up late at night?Let’s check back in on our friend:“I’m already sick of this. I spend 2 and a half hours every day just trying to make sure all the warehouse numbers match my spreadsheets. If this is what being a professional Amazon seller is about I’d rather go back to my office job.” Doug tells his girlfriend.“I thought Amazon selling would be easy. I didn’t realize all the time I needed to spend on it and the frustration. I have some products doing well but I’m still struggling.” he says. His girlfriend asks, “Isn’t there some way to make keeping track of inventory easier? There’s no way those giant warehouses and all the other sellers are doing it all on Google spreadsheets.”“You’re right,” Doug responded. “I’ll do some digging around the ol’ interwebs and see if there’s special software made for Amazon sellers.”With that, Doug gave his girlfriend a quick kiss as she went off to work and he plopped down on the couch with his laptop determined to find a better way to manage his FBA inventory. Two hours later …“Managed by what?” Doug’s girlfriend said into the phone trying to hear over Doug’s fast-talking enthusiasm.“ManageByStats!”, he responded. “They’ve got exactly what I need to keep track of all my inventory. But, not only that, they’ve got tools for building my Amazon listing, keyword research, getting customer reviews, and stuff that I don’t even know what to do with yet.”“Great,” she said, “can you finish telling me about it tonight after work?”“Yep, talk to you tonight,” he replied, hanging up the phone. “I would pay 10X what they’re asking if this does even half of what they say,” Doug said to himself.Fast forward 6 months …Doug’s girlfriend is now his wife and they live on the beach. He still works hard every day -- deciding what his next profitable 6 figure selling product will be and where to go for dinner that night.He left the frustration behind and has one place to view all his Amazon stats and run his business.When Doug started using ManageByStats to track his inventory at a glance each morning, it freed his mind to be even more creative and effective when searching for new products. Which also used to be a time-sucking task before Doug found ManageByStats. Now, with the included Product Finder tool he simply pops in some key product info, and the software searches over a million active products in minutes.As a result, each product he picked became more and more profitable and with the included email automation software he was able to develop a great reputation with customers. This is because he was always able to quickly respond to each purchase with helpful instructions and on the rare occasion there was a problem he could easily make it right. Oh, and Doug’s wife was able to quit her 2 jobs and focus on her growing singing career ... but that’s a story for a different time and place. Start your Free 14-Day Pro Trial today. And discover more about how you can  build your customer goldmine at Bullfrog Data.