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ManageByStats just won the Seller Software Of The Year Award!



The great announcements just keep coming.  We recently won our first award, and we’ve been doing a little celebrating around the MBS headquarters.  We even went to dinner, and we apologize for not inviting you all.  There just wasn’t enough time to send the invitations.

The award we won is Amazing Academy’s “Seller Software Of The Year”.  It was at a competition at their annual event in Austin.  We haven’t been in the running for any awards until now, so it was incredible to be invited, enter, compete, and win our very first contest.  The call was for all sorts of software, the only requirement being that the software be designed to help Amazon sellers in some way.  We were up against some pretty big players.  ManageByStats has always been a little more homegrown than the rest, so we weren’t sure how we’d do, but apparently our brand of personable, direct engagement is exactly what our customers love.  The response was overwhelming.

We’re humbled by just how global we’ve become, how many customers and friends we now have, and the significance of this award.  MBS comes from simple beginnings, and we haven’t lost touch with those roots.  We’re now a full-featured software suite, adding new tools and making improvements routinely, responding to feedback and helping Amazon sellers get the absolute most from their business, yet, we’re still very much like you.  We want, we need, a tool that works.  This award is a big acknowledgement for us, and it reminds us we’re delivering that need.

Thanks again for reading.  And thanks to all who helped make this award possible.

As always, here’s to your success.