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ManageByStats, the most versatile Amazon Seller Software Tool on the market marches on, and though we’ve been failing to update you as fast as we should on what’s new, the program has continued its steady evolution, new things being added, features developed, stuff improved … in short, we have a few things to tell you.

We have to start somewhere, and the most in-demand new item seemed like the best place to begin, so we’ll start by telling you about the new European markets.  ManageByStats now supports them all.  Adding the rest of the Euro markets is something we’ve been working on in earnest, and until recently we’ve had the UK and DE markets but not the others.  Now, we’re happy to announce (a little late), we’ve added the rest.

FR, IT and ES are now available. And in addition to now covering the rest of the European marketplaces, we have added India as well.

That completes the European markets and you can now use ManageByStats to manage your customers, inventory and sales for any of them.  Not only that, your SellerMail will work for all of the new markets.  You can create and monitor messages for each individual marketplace, and SellerMail will work with them all.  If you have more than one (say, for example, you set up a UK and an IT marketplace in your ManageByStats), you can create SellerMail messages specifically for each.  When you’re in your SellerMail, just make sure you have the right marketplace selected (the pulldown selection in the top right, if you are in the old menu version, and on the bottom left in the new menu), and then configure your messages for that country.

We’ll talk more of SellerMail in the next blog.

Have a great rest of your day.  And, as always:

To your success.