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ManageByStats This Week - Issue 1823

ManageByStats This Week - Issue 1823

“Information for the informed Amazon seller.”ManageByStats This Week covers a selection of industry and Amazon news, along with updates, tips and tricks for ManageByStats.


Hello and welcome to summer! The solstice is on the 21st, which is when our planet officially marks the season, but for us humans we’re already celebrating the turn and dreaming of beaches and pool parties. Some of you may even be on vacation already.We’ve got a lot coming down the pike here at ManageByStats. Several months ago we began a campaign of upgrades and improvements across the board. Our latest update, announced this week, is a new filter option in the Geo Analyze section of your Customers tools. Read more about it in ManageByStats In The News and Tips & Tricks.In What Users Are Asking we’ve got info on how to set up SellerMail rules with a new product, and under General Interest some steps to ensure your data privacy. Along with, of course, the usual Amazon updates, humor and quotes.Enjoy! 


This week our new filter options in the Geo Analyze section of your Customer tools made the news …New Geo Analyze Filters Rolled Out 


Going along with the announcement of the new Geo Analyze filter options, this week’s tip has to do with … the Geo Analyze filters. How cool is that?You can find the new filters and SKU selector in your MBS under:Customers > Geo AnalyzeWhen you click the Filters button it expands to show you the new options:Set the desired date range, then select the brand, product line or individual products for which you want to see geographic analysis. Click the Filter button to display the results. 


How can I create and save SellerMail Rules if my product has not yet updated in ManageByStats?”This is a great question, with two (similar) answers. Once you add a product to Amazon, it needs to have at least one sale before it will appear in ManageByStats. There are, therefore, two possible scenarios:
  1. You’re a new Seller and you’re waiting on your very first product to be added to MBS
  2. You’re an established Seller with products already in MBS, waiting for a new product to be added
In both scenarios (new Seller or existing Seller), you can create and save the SellerMail rules for that product. Create your Rule, and leave the SKU/ASINs selection blank:Leave this blank because you do not have the ASIN yet to enter, since the new product has not yet been added to MBS.So.  What’s different for a new or an existing Seller?The difference will be the Status you set.In the first scenario, where you’re a new Seller waiting on your very first product, create the SellerMail rule, leave the SKU/ASINs blank, and set the Status to Active.Since you do not yet have any existing products, the new Rule will not create and send any messages, as no sales are being made. When the new product imports to MBS, the Rule will see the sale, and send the messages you’ve created. For a single product you do not need to specify a SKU or ASIN, since there is only one.Note, once the product is imported, even though you only have the one SKU/ASIN, it’s a good idea to go back to the Rule and add the ASIN. This is preparation for the future, when you add additional products.In the second scenario, where you’re an existing Seller with products, set the Status to InActive.The reason for this is that, when the SKU/ASINs field is blank, the Rule will send an email for ANY item that is sold. This means the Rule will create and send an email when any of your existing products sell. To avoid this, we set the Rule to InActive.Then, when the new product has its first sale and appears in your MBS, go to the Rule and set it to Active, and the emails for the new product will begin sending. 


“I just want to say ‘way to go’ in putting manage by stats together! I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise though when you have a tool that is conceived and implemented by someone that actually sells on Amazon and knows what kind of tools and information you need! It’s all here. Great job.”
  • Rob H


Amazon’s ReachIn the words of Monty Python, “And now for something completely different!”  Here in The World of Amazon we feature interesting tidbits from that titan of global commerce, Amazon, in whom we all have a vested interest, and this week we thought we’d stretch that coverage to a completely different area.Amazon is, of course, diversifying more each day, getting into media and so many different fields, and now, here’s an interesting conversation with a high level executive about the possibility of Amazon (and other streaming providers) getting into the world of college football.Whether you’re a football fan or not, the comments and ideas put forth here are quite interesting, and are a great barometer of what our digital entertainment landscape may look like in the years to come …Conference Re-Alignment Could Be Shaped By Tech Ongoing OfferMany of you took advantage of the recent webinar with our partners, AMZ & Beyond. Through that partnership we’re happy to extend the offer of special access to their coaching success mentors to our MBS users:AMZ & Beyond 


Ever since the emergence of the internet, hackers have been around to try and steal user data. And while you may assume that password protections and verification codes are protecting your private data, that’s not enough to stop online criminals. With over half of the global population inhabiting digital space, every user should take steps to ensure their private data stays private ...How To Ensure Your Private Data Isn’t Being Used Without Your Permission 




“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”- Elbert Hubbard 


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