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We’ve added a cool new tool to your ManageByStats, and it’s available now.  It’s a Product Research tool you can start using right away. Check out the new Finder menu item in your MBS.  We also talk about it in this week’s Tips & Tricks.

Next cool thing.  You can find us live and in person this October, at an event called Retail Global.  Retail Global takes place October 9th thru the 11th, in Las Vegas (of course; these all seem to happen in Vegas), and we’ll be there.  Here’s the banner:

If you can make it we’d love to see you.  Click the banner for the tickets page, then, on the ticket page, click the Enter Promotional Code link and use:


to get $100 off your ticket.  That’s our MBS code.

As for the rest of this glorious weekly letter, in this issue you’ll learn about maximizing your Amazon business in Sellers Paradise, learn how to master Facebook in the Did We Mention Training section, read about the Flywheel Effect under The Power Of A Strong Core, and if the new Product Research tool wasn’t enough, we’ve cover two — count `em, two additional new features in Tips & Tricks.

So we’ll stop talking and let you get started.




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The new Product Research tool made the news this week.  It’s a pretty big deal, and is in your MBS and ready for use.

Each major category on Amazon is represented, and users can view products in specific, major categories, or combinations of categories. The list is updated daily and contains data on more than 300,000 bestselling products on Amazon …

ManageByStats Adds New Product Research Tool



Amazon has released their first ever Small Business Impact Report, and the conclusions, while incredible, are not unexpected.  If you’re selling retail, the odds are very good that you’re also selling on Amazon. And if you’re selling on Amazon, you’re part of a huge community that’s having a major impact on the US economy.

In fact, that community is more than one million strong; small and medium-sized US-based businesses that, like the larger US economy, are the backbone of Amazon’s stores, providing customers with millions of unique products.

If you’re one of those 1 million + Amazon sellers, or looking to become one, your goal is to maximize your Amazon business …

Maximizing Your Amazon Business



MBS has always been about providing you the tools you need to run your Amazon business.  Knowledge, knowing how to run your business, how to make it boom, may be the most important tool, therefore we’re making it our mission to add focus to training.

Our goal is that you become the best Amazon seller you can be.


FREE Facebook Marketing Mini-Course

Here’s the now-famous course created by the Facebook Ninja himself, Manuel Suarez.  Designed so that anyone, any brand, whether big or small, can learn the basics of the Facebook Marketing platform and take their business to the next level, this is one training opportunity you don’t want to miss.

It’s free.  Sign-up and get started now.

Get The Free Facebook Ninja Mini-Course



New Product Research Tool

As you saw in our opening announcement we have a new tool.  Any of you who’ve been with us a while know we’ve been steadily adding to ManageByStats, from features to enhancements, but a complete new tool is a bit more rare.  This makes sense, of course; a full-on tool is a big piece of the puzzle, often with many features and functions.

This latest is a product research tool that lets you search and filter products that are Best Sellers on Amazon.

It’s called Finder, and you’ll “find” it between the Product and Keywords items on your MBS main menu.

It’s included with your ManageByStats, so you can check it out and use it right away.  Instructions are included with the Guide and you can also find them under Help and the Knowledge Base:


New Geo Analyze Column

We’ve added a new column to the Geo Analyze feature in your MBS.  Find Geo Analyze in your ManageByStats under:

Customers > Geo Analyze

Set the date range in the filter, and you’ll now see the Sales Tax Collected for each state.

This makes it much easier to know how much tax has been collected for a given state over a given period.

You can also export CSV files.


Inventory Refresh

Inventory information is updated each day, but if you need to confirm a change during the day we’ve now added a button to refresh the inventory data on demand.

In your ManageByStats under:

Products > Inventory Management

you’ll now see a “Refresh Inventory” button.  Click it to refresh the inventory information on the page.  Note that it may take a few minutes to complete.



Despite criticism, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods has proved to be a key catalyst to the fledgling grocer-e-commerce market a year later.

It’s been a year since Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.4B and set the grocery world ablaze, leaving every old school retailer wondering how they would build anew.

But, as the dust settles, it turns out Amazon’s Scrooge McDuck-dive into groceries has kickstarted the grocery e-commerce world, forcing brick-and-mortar retailers to forge online partnerships with up-and-coming startups …

How Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition Pushcarted The Grocery E-commerce Biz



There are no shortcuts for overcoming inertia.  Energy and effort are what do it. Good strategies, the right tools, best practices, bright ideas and hard work feed the machine.  Knowing where to apply this energy might be considered the only “trick” to achieving results, and it’s really no trick at all …

Business Momentum: The Flywheel Effect



I bought a bird-table labelled “self-assembly”.  I put it in the garden but when I looked a few days later it was still in the box.  Those little blighters still hadn’t put it up.

– Barry Pullen


Police officer to a driver he’s pulled over:  “Your tail light’s broken, your tires need to be changed and your bumper is hanging.  That will be 300 dollars.”

Driver:  “Alright, go ahead.  They want twice as much as that at the garage.”


I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper.  She told me newspapers are old school. She said people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad.

The fly didn’t stand a chance.





“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

– John F. Kennedy


All the best,

Your ManageByStats Team


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