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For those of you in the US, we hope you’re enjoying your celebrations today. We wish you a Happy 4th of July. A few of us will be out today, but we’re around if you need us.

As always we’re here to help.

Prime Day is also on the horizon, another holiday, of sorts. A shopping holiday, if you will, and both Amazon sellers and consumers alike are looking forward to it. This year it starts July 15th, and runs for two days, through July 16th.

It just keeps getting bigger.

Enjoy the holiday(s), and best of success to each of you.

Here’s this week’s issue.



Did you know you can set automated bidding in MBS for your Amazon Sponsored Ads?

If you’re using the Advertising tool, you just need to set your Target ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales), then toggle on the Automated Bidding.

TACOS is what you’d like your ACoS to get to.

In Advertising > Keywords, use the “Columns” button, choose the TACOS column for the Performance section, then select TACOS Gain/Loss for the desired AS (Attributed Sales) section.

Set your desired TACOS, add a Max Bid (if desired), and MBS is then able to automatically adjust your bids to achieve the target you’ve set.

To enable the auto bid feature flip the toggle to “On”:

See more about automatic bid adjustments, tracking your bid history, setting Target ACoS and more in the MBS Knowledge Base.

Managing Amazon Advertising In MBS

If you’re not yet using the Advertising tool, you can trial it free for 14 days, and it’s only $40 a month after that.

Check it out in your ManageByStats under Advertising.



Many of our users are dropshippers or arbitrage resellers, two areas that have come under increasing heat on Amazon. Things have changed in the last several months to make life even tougher for resellers trying to maintain a successful account.

Never fear, we’ve got 5 solid tips for you in this informative article …

5 Tips For Amazon Dropshippers & Arbitrage Sellers



We thought it might be fun to share some interesting stats concerning our favorite sandbox, Amazon.

From starting in 1994 inside a garage to becoming the second company ever to hit the $1 trillion mark, Amazon is a trailblazer in more ways than one.

Whether you’re getting prepared to sell on Amazon, or just need some motivation to build your e-commerce website, these stats will get you started …

32 Mind-Blowing Amazon Statistics For 2019



St. Peter welcomes a taxi driver and a priest to heaven, and shows them to their new homes.

For the taxi driver, a beautiful villa looking over a gorgeous field of clouds. “Thank you,” the ecstatic taxi driver says.

Anticipating an even bigger mansion, the priest is dismayed when they arrive at a small 1-bedroom apartment.

“St. Peter, I’m a little puzzled,” the priest begins. “As a clergyman, I devoted decades of my life solely to serving the Lord. How come the taxi driver got a villa, and for me, only a small apartment?”

St. Peter smiles. “Up here, we go by results. While you preached, people slept; while he drove, people prayed.”



“Be who you are, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

 – Dr. Seuss


To your success,

Your ManageByStats Team


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