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Though getting visitors to your product page is what you might consider “Objective Number One”, the real goal is to get them to convert once they’ve arrived. Conversions mean sales, sales mean new customers.

In short, lifeblood for your business.

So what are some things to watch for? How can you ensure your product page gets these critical conversions?

Product Images for Conversions

First and foremost, your product image sets the stage. Professional product images go a long way toward either grabbing the attention of the new visitor, or, if bad enough, driving them away. Even if a bad image doesn’t drive them away, it hurts the reception of everything that follows.

Think of going into a restaurant that looks terrible, or even just disordered. The food may be great, but you may not stay to find out. Or if you do, it’s going to take longer to open yourself to the flavors.

A professional presentation sets expectations high, right from the beginning.

Also, consider this. Your main image is likely what will appear elsewhere. It can, and likely will, become the face of your business. Without the rest of your product page to go with it, your image, used widely on the internet, is oftentimes the only thing speaking for your product. In searches, on social media, other sites — your main image is what gets pulled and used.

Good product photography is therefore essential.


Videos, too, should be given due consideration. Though, unlike product images, a more “homegrown” product video may be forgiven. In fact, sometimes it may even generate a more positive response. People do like to see real people using and talking about the things they’re looking to buy.

Either way — Pro or Keeping-It-Real — your video should communicate the very things you’d want someone to know about your product. Seems obvious, but sometimes we can get a little overzealous and end up losing the interest of our audience while we go on about things that probably aren’t important.

Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they’d want to see and hear. Another useful exercise: Imagine how you’d describe the product if you were simply talking to someone. Or multiple someones. What important things would you want them to know?

One more point on this. While you need at least one product image, you may think you don’t need video. Perhaps to some degree this is true, but the fact is people expect video, they want video, and if there’s something there to watch, 8 times out of 10 they’re going to watch it.

An effective video is just one more opportunity to get a conversion. Use it.

Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin Badges

But you do. Like a video, this isn’t a hard requirement, but boy, can it go a long way toward building confidence — and pushing shoppers toward a sale. Trust badges let the potential buyer know what to expect in terms of service, offers, etcetera, and they do it in a way that resonates more than simple text.

Badges like:

  • Free Shipping
  • 100% Guarantee
  • 2-Day Delivery
  • We Match Any Competitor On Price

and so on.

You can write that, but you can also show it. Use a gold star, an emblem, dress it up. These sorts of things stand out, and add to the legitimacy of your company and product.

Thus they help conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is so critical to search results, but it can become tricky when trying to nail your headings and message for two very different audiences.

With SEO you’re writing for:

  1. The robotic Search Bots that will search it, and
  2. The humans that will actually read it.

In order to come up in search results your page’s SEO needs to satisfy the Bots over anything else. This can present difficulties, as once you’ve nailed the search results, you also need those headings and that body text to make sense to the potential buyers that will read it.

There is no instant solution for this. An SEO optimized title may not always be the coolest way you’d prefer to word it. What are people searching for when they’re looking for products like yours? What terms are they using? What keywords? The answers to those questions should factor into your titles and headings.

As part of that, keep in mind page load times. Most people shop on their phones these days, and so you want your pages as lean as possible. Make sure they load fast.

Page load times will also factor into your page ranking with the search engines.

Write for the bots first, but never forget the humans. Strive for a fast-loading page.

Social Proof for Conversions

Obvious, perhaps, but it often gets overlooked. Many potential buyers won’t go any further if they don’t see reviews of your product. Make sure you provide a way for people to leave them (this is taken care of for you on Amazon, of course), and showcase those reviews so they’re easy to see.

Reviews can help with page rank as well, since you end up with more content on the page. Invest the time into getting reviews from people that buy your product.

Also obvious, include share icons. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any others you maintain. This is a great way to get organic exposure.

Social proof is nearly as good as word-of-mouth, and as such is one of the most valuable drivers of conversions. Don’t skip this one.

Make It Abundantly Clear

Don’t make it hard to buy. One the decision is made, the potential buyer should have an easy time making the purchase. Finding and knowing the price, making a selection and clicking “Buy” should be a breeze.

As well, any entry of info, such as card number, address and so on.

Everything about the purchase cycle should be smooth like buttah. Make the buttons easy to find, make the steps easy to follow. Put it high on the page so no scrolling is required.

Another great exercise is to test this with someone who’s never used your page. Or imagine yourself as a new shopper and step through it yourself.

Make it super easy to buy your product.

Make It Easy To Get Help

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, make it easy for your potential buyers to get help. And, when they seek it, be helpful. Exceedingly so.

If you maintain a phone line, give the hours you’re available, and be available during those hours. Provide an email for questions, and answer email queries as quickly as possible. If you offer chat, be there to answer when chat is on. In short, be there for your customers, and give them the sense that you are.

This is incredibly reassuring, and goes a long way toward consumer confidence — and a willingness to buy.

Make it a point to become known for fast, helpful service. Deliver above and beyond what’s expected. The results of that sort of attention will become clear, and will spread, in the form of comments on your page, as well as comments elsewhere. People talk, and if you’re delivering an amazing service they’ll tell others about it.

Your (good) reputation will precede you.

A Future Of Conversions

These are all great ways to enhance your conversion rate. At the end of the day they’re also great ways to enhance your brand.

Offer a great product, offer a great service, make it clearly known, cultivate your positive reputation and brand image, and watch the conversions roll in.


To Your Success,

Your ManageByStats Team