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ManageByStats This Week - Issue 2020


Hello & WelcomeThis week in Seller Insight we talk about the potential of Shopify as a marketplace, in Tips & New Stuff we remind you of some of our great, useful content, and in The World of Amazon we answer your questions about how to win the Amazon Buy Box.Let’s get started. 


Did you know we not only post these newsletters to our blog each week, we also feature some great training and informational articles in the blog as well?Take this one, covering tips for crafting high-converting bullet points:Craft Your Amazon Listing Bullet Points For Max ConversionCheck out the article, and check out the Blog for more great resources and information. We have categories for:
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and more. 


In 2019, $61.10 billion worth of products were sold through Shopify worldwide. In the U.S., if Shopify merchants were grouped into one, they would represent the second-largest online retailer, second only to Amazon. It grew to this size enabled by the partner ecosystem and by solving most of the challenges for brands on the supply side.Today, brands drive traffic to their Shopify stores from their email lists, social followings, and, at increasing costs, advertising on Google and Facebook. Without any of this going away, Shopify could be an additional source of shoppers by curating its more than a million merchants into a marketplace ...A Case For A Shopify Marketplace 


For sellers, the Buy Box contributes to the highly competitive environment on Amazon. Only one seller is chosen as the Buy Box “winner” for each product listing, and they will get the lion’s share of sales as long as they remain in the Buy Box.As a result, sellers need to know how to win the Buy Box, if they want to get a more than just a trickle of sales. Although the Buy Box seems simple on the surface, it hides a complex algorithm. Here’s everything you need to know about how it works ...How to Win The Amazon Buy Box: Your Questions Answered 


A man has been drinking all day at a local bar and checks his watch.“1:30 am, rats. I need to go home now or my wife's going to kill me,” he thinks to himself. But as he’s trying to get up, he falls awkwardly to the floor.“I need to sober up.”So he asks the bartender for a coffee. He drinks it, and 30 minutes later he tries to stand up, but again falls to the floor.At this point he realizes he needs to get home no matter what, so he starts crawling towards his house. After 40 minutes he gets there, crawls into bed, lays down next to his sleeping wife and passes out.The next morning his wife wakes him, “So ... how was last night?”The man tries to play it cool, “It was okay, just hanging with some coworkers.”“Drink a lot?”The man shakes his head. “Just a couple of beers.”“Mm-hm,” the wife crosses her arms. “The bar owner called. You left your wheelchair.” 


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