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Breaking News: Wyoming Company Gives New Opportunities to Amazon Sellers

Email communication is hugely important. And if you’re an active user of ManageByStats’ software, a casual follower of our Amazon business material, or if you’ve somehow stumbled onto this article while looking for new running shoes on Amazon you’re in a good place. That is if you’re interested in growing a strong Amazon business, selling people useful products, and making a good living running your own company. But what does that have to do with email communication?

Email Remains A Critical Platform

Regardless of the wide varieties of communication platforms, email is still one of the best ways to reach your customers and offer them service for the products they’ve bought and make them new offers in the future. But, you can’t always get hold of emails, can you?Here at ManageByStats, we take pride in helping you build your Amazon empire with our software and we’re always doing research to make sure we can give you the best possible tools for doing that. For that reason we wanted to mention a software company out of Wyoming that also wants to help Amazon sellers increase their reach and their sales. They’re called Bullfrog Data. 

Getting You Your Customer Emails

Bullfrog Data uses proprietary software to let Amazon sellers unlock their customers’ contact information, helping sellers take control of their destinies by acquiring real emails and phone numbers so they can grow their business relationship with customers outside of the Amazon platform.If you think that sounds good then we’re in agreement.That’s why we knew we needed to share this information with you. By the way, Bullfrog Data does more than just help Amazon sellers. Their services include:
  • Email & Phone Appends
  • Email Hygiene & Verification
  • Demographic data
  • Amazon seller customer data integration
We’ve talked to many Amazon sellers over the years who enjoy a pretty comfortable living from their Amazon stores. But, they also know that at any point in time Amazon can change its rules or selling processes. This could literally shut off their families’ incomes and revenue streams overnight. For sellers that feel this way, Bullfrog’s software offers a great deal of comfort to them. It means regardless of any shifts made by Amazon as a selling platform the individual seller can still do business with customers who’ve bought from them in the past. And we think that’s pretty cool.If you’d like more information about Bullfrog Data you can visit their website