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MBS This Week - Issue 2026


This Week’s Lineup
  • Change Log
  • Big Data
  • Your Amazon Listing
  • MBS In The News
  • Humor & Quote
Hello & WelcomeHalfway through 2020!Welcome to the 26th issue, the 26th week of the year, the tipping point of this great globe of ours, where the Earth begins wobbling back the other way, axial tilt heading from summer to winter -- or winter to summer, depending on which side of the equator you’re occupying.In short, we’re over the hump, on the downhill race to 2021.How strong will you finish the year? 


We’ll follow that question with another:Have you tried the Change Log in your ManageByStats?The Change Log can be used to note changes you made to any aspect of your Amazon business, in order to see those changes in MBS when doing stats analysis.Select it from your Main Menu, and enter dates and info on each change to your business worth noting.Those changes are then flagged on graphs throughout ManageByStats.
  1. Set the date of the change. Today's date is the default. Click the date cell to get a calendar and select a specific date.
  2. Choose the Type to which the change applies. This is the item affected by the change.
  3. Specify the Change. This is free-form text, describing what changed.
  4. Select whether to show changes on graphs. When selected all changes will be shown on graphs as a line for the date of the change.
When the line is rolled over, the change note will show at the top of the graph:In this way, when reviewing graphs you can see the changes that happened in your business and directly observe how those changes affected your statistics.Check out the Change Log feature today. 


Data makes our personal lives easier, but what about our business practices?That is essential -- and it’s why big data revenue, worldwide, continues to and is projected to grow substantially.However, a recent CIO Insight report found that 40% of companies show disseminated information and restricted visibility into data negatively impacts their sales organization. In fact, 56% of sellers are dissatisfied with their ability to provide helpful, data-driven insights …How To Use Data To Grow Your Sales And RevenuesData is at the core of ManageByStats, and its entire suite of tools. As an MBS user you have clear access and insight into all the most critical data needed to run and expand your Amazon business.So you know, we’re in the process of shooting all-new How-To content covering our entire range of features and tools, and you’ll begin to see those videos directly available within your ManageByStats.Also, don’t forget the full Knowledge Base has everything you need to know about getting the most from your ManageByStats.MBS Knowledge Base 


Boosting the conversion rate of your Amazon listing is a hot topic, no doubt.Once you’ve got a customer to your listing, you want to close them, right? A good product listing makes all the difference when it comes to converting that visitor to a sale.One of the bigger parts of this are your listing bullet points. Reviews are important, images are certainly important, but in the end your bullet points are what make the sale ...Craft Your Amazon Listing Bullet Points For Maximum Conversion 

MBS In The News

This week …ManageByStats Introduces Change Log Feature 


A dad buys a lie detector robot that smacks you if you lie.Dad: Where were you?Son: At school.The robot smacks the son.Son: Okay, I was watching Snow White.The robot smacks the son again.Son: Okay! Okay! I was watching violent movies!Dad: What?! When I was your age I never watched those kinds of movies!The robot smacks the dad.Mom: Haha, after all, he is your son.The robot smacks the mom ... 


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”- Confucius To your success,Your ManageByStats Team Read Our Newsletters Online! Share Your Thoughts About ManageByStatsWe’ve made it easy to leave a review: Tell Us What You Think About MBS Thanks for taking a few moments to give us your feedback! And don't forget to share ManageByStats with your friends. Our affiliate program pays you an ongoing 25% referral commission.See the Affiliate menu under Settings in your ManageByStats.