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It’s true.

There are many ways to get your Amazon listings in front of people and some are more complicated than others.

Using PPC ads, for example, can be tremendously helpful to improve the velocity and visibility of your product.

But, not all product listings are created equal when it comes to PPC ads.

Luckily, ManageByStats has a process that can help you to achieve increases in brand awareness, organic ranking, and profitability.

Sound good?

We think so too.

What is this super amazing process that helps get your Amazon listings on target, ready for PPC ads which could help to increase organic ranking, profitability, and awareness, you might ask?

It’s called the ManageByStats Listing and PPC Analysis Consulting Service.

The purpose of this service is to provide you with a detailed report from the ManageByStats experts on what you can do to improve your listings’ performance and what parts of your listings you can optimize so that you are able to get the most out of your Amazon sponsored advertising campaigns.

Yep, that might sound like a big promise and it is. 

Yet, the process to get there is actually pretty simple.

If you’re open-minded to finding out more, let me break down the process for you a little bit. 


How Does It Work?

First, ManageByStats provides a questionnaire for you to fill out about your objectives. We can then evaluate what you want to achieve against your current position and results.  

It’s vitally important to know what you want to achieve before we can actually provide any quality advice.

Once you provide us with the answers to what you’re trying to achieve, we can then make our evaluation and give you a full written recommendation guiding you to the best ways to achieve the goals that you’re looking for.

Inside our evaluation package, you’ll find suggestions for things such as your titles, bullet points, the images that you use, the descriptions that you have on your listings, and the keywords and search term placements that we feel you should be using based on our years of professional Amazon selling success.


What Kind Of Advice Can I Expect?

Take a look at this short example of how we might suggest your bullet points be structured.

Bullet point #1

Answer the customers’ questions about which product to buy. You can help them make the decision to buy your version of a  product over the competition by checking any negative reviews on competing products. This way, you make sure that your product solves those issues and you tell potential customers about it in your first bullet point.

Bullet points #2 and #3 

Here you can solidify the potential buyers’ emotional feelings towards buying your version of the product. You can use these two bullet points to help describe who the product is for, why they should buy it, what problems are solved by buying your version of the product, or what desires are being fulfilled for the customer by purchasing your version of the product.

There’s more to the story on creating great bullet points and if you’d like a further explanation you can check out the blog article that we wrote called ‘Crafting Your Amazon Listing Bullet Points for Max Conversion

By the way …

… the review and suggestions that you receive back from your ManageByStats PPC Analysis are not done by artificial intelligence.

Your information and the feedback that we supply you with is done after a careful personal review from experienced and seasoned Amazon sellers here within our company.

One more thing.

This is not a management service, this is strictly our recommendations for you, based on what you’ve told us that you want to achieve and our years of running successful and profitable Amazon businesses.

Now, if you are anything like the rest of our satisfied Listing and PPC Analysis clients, you’ll find that the increases in brand awareness, organic ranking, and profitability will make you wish you’d done this years ago.


How Do I Get Started?

For more information on getting started with your personalized Listing and PPC Analysis Consultation, look in the Consulting tab in your ManageByStats

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